Christianity & Homosexuality

Within the past few weeks I have seen an unusual spike on the social media over this ‘Religion VS Homosexuality’. Videos and posts had seem to be posted everywhere. This unusual spike of interest is the consequences of a video posted by a young man in Georgia when his parents confronted him of his sexuality here.

The mother starts off the conversation with words of love before jumping straight into the subject with expressing acknowledgement of his sexuality from a very young age. Something she then contradicts as ‘God doesn’t make you that way’ and claiming that his orientation is an outcome of a choice (How a young child chooses to be gay is beyond me). Now a lot of people are promoting this viral clip as ‘Parents beat up child/kid when he comes out.’ I think it’s extremely apparent this is not the case and please I’m not condoning anything that happened in this video, but it’s obvious this 20 year old ‘child’ has not just come out the closet and there seems to be issues within the family that are maybe not to do with his sexuality. I don’t take this video on face-value at all but what concerns me is this growing hatred caused by media.

Homosexuality is a sin. Regardless of the fact that it is only referenced very few times, it is still referenced as a sin and will always be continued to look on that way by those with faith. Lev 18:22 “You shall not lie with a man as with a woman; that is an abomination.” – It’s not vague. It’s not encrypted. Homosexuality is a sin. This is not to say that Christians hate homosexuals and that they believe they are a disgrace. It is also a sin to cast judgment and no sin takes precedence. All sin is equal and yet a lot of Christians are very guilty of seeing one above all else. John 8:7 “He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” Westboro Church is all but too familiar with this particular ideology that ‘Fags’ are the cause of Gods wrath and world problems. These people are hardly Christian but more; obsessed with anger towards homosexuals. WBC are on the very far end of the spectrum and are genuinely disturbing to true Christians. Regardless this makes news but it’s the overall cloud named Christianity that gets the blame.

It also goes the other way. News travels of the ‘gay agenda’ because all gays want to do nowadays is take over the world and take over traditions with their pink frilly dresses and cosmopolitan cocktails. Men in tight crisp white suits are to parade down the aisle in a choreographic manner lip syncing ‘Like A Prayer.’ And let’s not forget the horde of spikey haired women and their first dances to ‘All The Things She Said.’ Seem ridiculous?  Because it is. It’s not true or at least I hope I never experience a gay wedding like that. Gay marriage for the most part is a separate issue that borders legal equal rights and Christianity. So I’ll make my point very simple. Enforcing gay marriage upon a church purely for your own spectacle and indulgent is not right (this opinion extends to straight atheist couples).

I think it’s fair to say however that the vast majority of homosexuals are not trying to impose an agenda and neither are the vast majority of Christians are actively attacking gay people. But still more and more of what I experience when I speak to certain people is this hate. I am a homosexual man but I was once a Christian and if you must know my sexuality was only a small part of my loss of faith. Whilst I am one of the lucky ones, coming out for me was extremely breezy, the hardest part was telling my Christian friends. I really did expect the worst but I should have known better. I knew the bible. I knew it’s stance and I knew my friends. I did experience little animosity from those who I weren’t exactly close to. Whether proximity has relevance, is not the point. There was no condemnation from them because at the end of the day sin is equal and everyone is a sinner.

The difference is that Christians would want homosexuals to see that part of their lifestyle as a sin, just as Christians see parts of their own lifestyles as sins. Understandably this can be a cause of friction. However what some homosexuals need to also understand that whilst they may not believe in it, these people do and these people genuinely believe that they are trying to save you – Don’t take offence and hate them all your life. You want equality – let them speak their mind. There’s a flip side here, some Christians need to understand that people don’t like to be pushed. No one is protesting with placards to Christians that every time they masturbate they are one step closer to hell.

Electronic Cigarettes

I’m a smoker, and recently it has been a huge burdon on my finances and of course quitting is something I have tried many times before and it’s tedious, painful and generally not a nice experience. So to avoid that I’ve gone back to electronic cigarettes. E-cigs have recently gotten more popular, when I brought my first one they were only sold online or special stores now you can get disposable ones in the newsagents or kits in shopping centre stalls quite easily. 

It’s very hard to decide which one is best and you can be easily put off if you buy the wrong one. Now my review or post is for those going from cigarette smoke to electronic cigarettes, it’s not for those “major vapers” out there. 

Ok so my story starts around 3/4 years ago were I bought my first electronic cigarette which was a Gamucci – not sure if they’re still on sale. It was awful. It was bulky with a design that had this fake cigarette toy look. The taste was vile, the throat hit was minimal and it left the harshest burn at the back of throat much like nicotine gum. It put me off for sure. so stay well away from this brand.

Next I tried Jasper & Jasper which i believe is available online at Amazon. It was very expensive starting at £30 for a small starter pack of a USB charger, 1 battery and 5 cartridges. However the design was small, it was plain white with a red crystal end. The throat hit was perfect, the taste didn’t taste like tabacco but it was very pleasurable if not more-ish. It was extremely easy to assemble with packs of 5 cartridges. However, the cartridges that were meant to last “200 drags” lasted about 60/80. The battery was also extremely poor and although they claim “full drags until the battery has run out” this was not the case, about 20 drags before the battery went were extremely weak and tasteless. It was very difficult to figure out what was running out, the juice or the battery. I’d often change cartridges to only find that the last cartridge was still three quarters full. I aso had to replace the device three or four times because it broke so often, although still cheaper than cigarettes it was a lot of hassle and still digging a fairly big whole in my pocket. 

In the past year I bought the Liberro Realis ( This is by far the best one, the taste is similar to Jasper & Jasper’s liquid without being overly more-ish. I actually dug up one of the old cartridges from Jasper & Jasper and dropped the liquid from Liberro into it to find that it held about three small drops, compared to the Realis that holds 12. The starter park also comes with a PCC which is basically a pocket charger, it can charge one battery, hold another full e-cig and 5 cartomisers. It’s extremely handy and is not much bigger than a pack of 20 cigs. It comes with 6 of the cartomisers already filled and a bottle of e-liquid which can be used to easily (very easy) refill the cartomisers. 
Now the battery life is a bit minimal lasting around 20-30 minutes if used continuously, However with the PCC on you it can last two days. (This is all dependant on how often you use it of course). It’s also very easy to notice if it’s the battery or the cartomiser, the cartomiser will start to taste bitter when it’s gone where as when it’s the battery going you just get a weak but a full tasting vape before the light flashes indicating dead battery.
It comes in white or black with cartomisers in white/black or brown. I prefer black, because it looks nicer and also if I do use it inside it’s very noticeable it’s an electronic cigarette. 
The starter pack comes with 2 batteries, a PCC, 6 pre-filled/refillable cartomisers and a bottle of 30 ml Liquid which lasts a very long time at £35. 

As I have been extremely impressed with Liberro’s quality, price and customer service I may just try out they’re new range of E-cig called the Vea. 

They also offer a wide range of different flavours, once you are accustomed to your e-cig you may want to play around with it, and try the different flavours and even mix and match to taste. Out of they’re purity range I love the Maple Cured flavour. I mix three drops of Maple Cured VG* with the realis flavour which gives me a nice throat hit with no harshness, nice big vaper production and a sweet taste. 

*VG is a form of liquid alternative to PG which is used in almost all of them the main difference being is that VG has a less throat hit but bigger vaper production and some say it’s sweeter although I haven’t noticed. 


I still smoke mind you, in the past week I have cut down majorly, smoking cigarettes only at work and even then it’s only three at the most.

I hope this helps those of you looking to buy a electronic cigarette or those going back to them.

Anticipated films of 2010!

OK well I’ll talk some crap about the some films this year that are intended to be big hitters at the cinema.

Starting off is:

The Wolfman (12/02/10)


A remake of the classic original Werewolf story. I liked the trailer however for some reason it doesn’t interest me that much, but I wouldn’t seeing it if I had time (and an orange wednesday ticket).

Watch Trailer

The Last Airbender (13/08/10)

M. Night Shyamalan.

Ok Well i don’t know much about this, but it’s based on a popular anime show “Avatar: The Last Airbender” British favourite Dev Petal is back on our screens in a higher budget film, but probably less serious than his depiction of an Indian Slumdog. However apart from the fancy teaser and the impressive actor, I can’t help but think how bad Shyamalan’s films have been since 6th Sense. They have all gotten progressively worse, but will that end with his previous and excruciatingly boring “The Happening” I’m either going to be pleasantly surprised, or wanting shoot myself…

Watch Teaser

The Green Hornet (22/12/10)
Michael Gondry

That's right... Seth Rogen!

A late comer in the year, but still a very much anticipated film. Ever noticed that Seth Rogen had been slimming down drastically over the films… Well this is why, so he can play a bit more of a serious role as Superhero The Green Hornet. And if Seth Rogen doesn’t entice you, Austrian star-turned legend Christoph Waltz (Inglorious Basterds) makes a return to the english speaking cinema for the second time in this film.

Alice In Wonderland (05/03/10)
Tim Burton

The Mad Hatter

“Tim burton with Johnny Depp, and, oh, what’s that?

thats right you guessed it… Helena Bonham Carter, what are the odds…”

I have to be honest, there lil gangbang threesome pisess me off… Johnny Depp is fucked up, Tim Burton is twice as fucked up, and well Helena plays the same fucked up mental character she always does. Either way, unbiasedly the film does look good and Tim Burton brings his usual gothic with saturated contrast of dark and vibrant colours.

Watch Trailer

Twilight Saga: Eclipse (30/06/10)
David Slade

Yeah, this comes back with an enticing plot full of “werewolf  V vampire V  volturi” war. Also with a few cast touch ups, we see the M Night Shyamalans favourite B-list star Bryce Howard taking over the role of Victoria.

Clash Of The Titans (26/03/10)

Louis Leterrier
Sam Worthington and Liam Neeson in more badass roles in the remake of Clash Of Titans. This is creating some hype and I can not wait to see it.

Watch Trailer

Tron Legacy (17/12/10 – expected to be postponed)
Joseph Kosinski

Disneys’ Tron Legacy set to be the next 3D epic following Avatar. it follows ‘Flynn’ on his journey to uncover the secrets behind his fathers death within the computer gaming programme. Which looks really good!

Watch Teaser

Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows. pt 1

Warner decided to make this book into two films so that every detail can be used, yay!…  what a load of fucking BULLSHIT they’re milking it like a cow on cocaine! I’m not the biggest fan of harry potter, but i will be watching it.

Other films: Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island, Prince of Persia: Sands Of Time, and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of Dawn Treader

3D Films are Stupid?

I came across an interesting video on YouTube by “Stormsink”  about 3D film being a gimick. Also something that me and Joel have laughed about after watching the Final Destination (See parody video below).

3D film is generally a new thing to cinemas originally the 3D films were made using the Anaglyph method in the 80s using two coloured filters usually one red and one blue/green to create depth, however this didn’t catch on aswell as they wanted to, because of the annoying use of seeing everything in red and green. It ruined the film and the 3D effect wasn’t particularly amazing. However nowaday cinema’s use RealD method, normally associated with IMAX cinemas. The viewer wears a pair of glasses, Polaroid filtered glasses which in simple terms, allow your eyes to bring two images together to give an illusion of depth without colour distortion, if you take the glasses off you see two images on screen and it looks very blurry.

Generally I like 3D cinema, (best experience is at the IMAX) Yeah so far the films that have been in 3D (for the adult audience) is a bit shit for example, Final Destination, but again I think that is more down to the film rather than the 3D technique. One thing I will say is i think Directors and Producers when making 3D films, think too much about the 3D effect, and feel the need to “show off.” In just under a year of the commercially produced 3D film, most people already find themselves cringing at the unneeded, unnecessary , clips like what has been parodied here (go to 2.04).

If Directors and Producers used 3D as just a technique and rather than showing off, 3D could easily take off further however already were seeing 3D films as one hit novelty. We’ll wait and see how Avatar does incorporating 3D with a Sci-Fi Fantasy Action.

Surrogates Review…

The general jist of the film follows a new type of technology called “Surrogates” which are robots that can be controlled with our minds, originally made for the Army and Disabled but the technology caught on quick and almost everyone was using Surrogates as a way of life, crime was decreasing and everyone used them (apart from small groups of people who was against it named “Dreads”)

The Look: The general look and style of the film seemed very similar to A.I (Artificial Intelligence) using the Half Human, Half robot look at certain parts of the film. Nothing new, nothing special either, it looked almost cartoonish not quite as good as A.I. The Surrogates looked plastic and you could generally tell between the Surrogates and Humans, although, most of the choreography of actors was very bad at times I.E walking like humans compared to other actors who walked harshly. This made the film look a bit amateurish.

The Story: Disappointing, had a lot of potential and I felt they played it safe rather than go all out there, which was fine but again originality was lacking and the story was very similar to I, Robot. Even using the same actor who invented the Robots in I, Robot, played the same character in Surrogates.

The Concept: The idea is very intriguing and they come across certain points of using robots as a alternative to human life. For example, a fat old homosexual guy was using a young pretty blonde as a surrogate. However I think the concept could have been explored a lot more and seemed very similar to The Matrix, the whole plug into virtual reality.

Overall: Not bad and makes a good easy watching, however I think they played it way to safe when I was expecting a bit more originality, it could have been a hell of a lot better. The choreography and lack of originality  just ruined it for me. I wont be buying on DVD but in a boring night in with sky movies it might get my viewing again. Sack the scriptwriter, sack the choreographer and the CGI director.


Thinking of going to see this film, don’t take my word for it, have a look at Joel’s Review.

James Cameron “Avatar” What to expect?

Ok, So here’s the story, James Cameron had an idea of a story being placed in a world other than earth, however when the idea came to him, he didn’t think CGI and Animatronics was good enough. When it was good enough he decides its time to make this film… ten years later, its close to its release.

Click here to view the trailer.

Well after being interested in the sound of the film i decided to do some research to see what it was about, Cameron states, he wanted his film to have a photorealistic experience, he was going to bring CGI to the max and show things that have never ever been seen before. He had a $300mil budget for this film, and now it’s close to its release in december people were sure he was going to win oscars and maybe go beyond his previous film Titanic in the gross income chart.

Exciting isn’t it? However If you haven’t yet already seen the trailer, watch it now… Does it look like a “Photorealistic” film? Maybe in 3-D it will give it a better edge, but in my personal opinion I don’t see a $300 mil production, I see CGI that looks good and pleasing but hardly to the “max” I actually think Transformers 2 has better CGI than this. I’m not doubting James Cameron’s talents i’m sure the film will have a brilliant and exciting storyline with some really good top of the class actors, but I fail to see what he claims to bring to the screen. My friend Joel didn’t know it was meant to be Live Action, in all seriousness, yes you can argue it is an animation film by the fact that it seems to have more CGI than actual people and the story doesn’t actually follow a “human body” at all, but correct me if I’m wrong photorealistic imagery is supposed break this barrier of Live Action and Animation.

Rumours have escalated that this trailer is only 30% of the true CGI, but i doubt this, if it is true than, what was he thinking releasing a trailer like this after promising so much.

Either way, it hasn’t stopped from going to see it, im still excited about it!

Egypt – Dead Man in pool and Script.

As most of you know I went to Sharm El (fucking) Sheikh (ya tits) last week. The place is absolutely beautiful, the best beach with the best sea and the best fish i’ve ever been to. Our hotel was a 5* star (4* rating by First Choice) and I have to agree with First Choice, although it was beautiful with its own private beach and luscious rooms with terrace leading down to the beach it didn’t have that 5* feel about it, in places the buildings walls were cracked and the drinks were not up to much. The food was lovely with a wide-range of english to italian to authentic egyptian cuisine.

What I don’t like about people on holiday was the fact I heard a few english moan about the amount of Italians and Russians. I mean let’s face it, if you don’t like foreign people don’t go abroad you stupid cunt. Also same with food I seen a teenage lass moaning about how the food tasted “too” foreign, HELLO, YOUR IN FUCKING EGYPT NOT SKEGGY.

We were about bit far out in sharm, the main town Nama Bay was a taxi a way and we managed to go there twice which was more of a place for families and young people holiday with its Pacha and Ministry of Sound nightclub! So we were very secluded in the fact that outside the hotel complex there was just sand… and the odd stray dog.

My next point is A LOT more negative! A man in his mid thirties died in the pool, no one knows how or why, suspected heart attack when jumping is the current best description. Although I wasn’t there as I was sleeping at 11am, it happened right infront of where my mum was sunbathing. A woman whom was next to my mum screamed help and a bunch of guys was dragging this lifeless body out of the bottom of the pool. Two nurses who were on holiday ran to the scene to resuscitate the man. My mum was comforting his screaming wife. The worst part… parents and children were in the pool swimming about watching all this happen without a care… i’m not judging here but fucking hell if my toddler was in the pool while people were dragging a dead body out of it I would get the toddler out and give the man some kind of dignity instead of watch it. Not just that, the hotel seemed to do nothing about it, they just walked past it all, the DJ still had pop music blaring out of the speakers, my step dad Mark feeling quite infuriated by it asked them to turn off the music and tell people to leave the pool, the DJ replied “I’m sorry I don’t have the authority to make such a big decision, heres the Mic do it yourself” What kind of fucking excuse is that, what an absolute twat! so Mark told people to leave the pool and turned the music off himself. The next bit… the supposedly “24 hour onsite doctor” strolled down to the pool side ten minutes into it all handing a oxygen canister to the two nurses, he then sat down and watched the nurses… what kind of fucking doctor is that. He did eventually do something productive by starting to help the nurses a little, but nothing to make him break a sweat, its not like its his job… oh wait yeah it fucking is.

That put me off the hotel and I wouldn’t go back again… ever. If i knew something like that would happen if it were me or one of my family.

Overall, i enjoyed the most part of the holiday and I loved egypt i would go again to the country but would go to Luxor or Cairo.

Also, after 4 to 5 books, 35 hours of playstation, up to probably 18 hours of movie watching and only a measly 5 hours of clubbing, I have been bored fucking shitless while being at home. So i resulted into doing something a little productive, Writing a script. heres a small description of the story im writing:

Michael is a blind man whom has always hated his set back no matter what front he puts on. However he soon realizes no matter what set backs there are in life you have to appreciate things you have while they last…

Michael (not based on me btw), is a blind man who has gone through his life without much care and only a slight hatred towards his blindness, the only major issues he does have are his lack of relationships. He is offered an experiment operation that could give him his sight back which given the more cons than pros he is hesitant, until a vicious incident leaves him resenting his set back more than ever. Although he receives encouragement and support from friends and family he still doesn’t feel happy during the process of the experiment which quickly gets turned over when a girl enters his life, however Michael learns a lesson due to a tragic ending to his unique love story.

This screenplay is a comedy/drama which im planning on for it to have an extremely sad ending. I may sound a bit sadist here but i like to make people feel strong emotion. So far only 28 pages are done (approx 28-30 minutes screen time) Feel free to download and read from the link below and ignore most of the mistakes (and it is based in america)

All characters are fictitious and if any character names or traits that may seem representative to a particular person is purely coincidental and not intentional.

Haven Holiday/Breaking Dawn/Music

Well I went away to Devon Cliffs in Sandy Bay, Exmouth, on a haven holiday, yes I may be 2x the age of the general age that goes but even so I still get excited over the sight of the Haven mascots Rory the tiger, that monkey and Anxious the elephant!

It was very fun full of alcohol and getting up at 9:3o feeling rough as hell making 6 of my friends fried breakfast which for some might have been a dreading thought but for me I loved it! My Egg in baskets were a popular choice! 😉


I have finally finished the book Breaking Dawn part of the twilight series, was a bit annoyed at the lack of confrontation between the Volturi and the Cullens, but hey there was still more fucked up shit to keep one mind busy and interested! I really liked reading from Jacob’s point of view it allowed some more understanding of Jacob and the werewolf’s ways.

Last night I watched Push the film that was out earlier this year, I really enjoyed it, it had the super power theme but focused mainly on Cassie (Dakota Fanning… shudder) who keeps receiving visions of future but doesnt understand them, so her and Nick (Chris Evans) follow her obscure visions to find a suitcase and a run away “pusher” who has no memory, but of course there is a chinese mob of super powers after the same thing who they run into from time to time with some kind of screaming ability which can kill. The best scenes was Dakota Fanning getting thrown to the floor and a fight between Nick and some other guy with the same ability. What I did find Dakota Fanning less annoying in this film even though she plays the whining spoilt brat she always plays. 


After the holiday while i was bored I made a mix containing this tune (go to 1.05) – while still having a bit of Mikey extras 🙂  here is the download

Also wondered if any had downloaded the new iPod touch version 3? I currently have no money in my account to download it but wanted to know people opinions and thoughts on it.

Mikey’s & Katy’s Food Reviews: Panini & Tollgate

Well basically we went to a Deli stand in the centre of Coventry called “Bedrocks” as I have heard great things about the place mainly due to its low price… 

Well… we ordered a chicken tikka panini each… absolutely fucking disgusting! We not only had to watch her scrap pieces of burnt bread and chicken from the grill with her middle-aged love handles hanging out of her skimpy shirt… which made me feel a bit sick. The panini wasn’t even a panini, it was a toasted baguette with mayonnaise with curry powder and chicken, what gives them the right to call it a chicken “tikka” “panini” I don’t know. If it was £1.50 it would be ok… but for £2.95, daylight fucking robbery… 


Tollgate! the best place for a cavery, the service is really nice, the meat is fresh and a wide variety of vegetables which you help yourself to. The food is lovely 5/5! the woman who served us was extremely nice had a little chat with her. The best part of it was the price £3.95 if I could remember, could not fault it! 


In other news, Haven are bastards…

Personal shizzle: 

Holiday on monday!!  Devon Cliffs going to be PAARRRRAAA 

My friend Katherine (Diarrhea) is driving me (greatest person you will ever meet), Emma (Aids), and Joel (Swine Flu) to Lincoln town to see the new house! hell fucking yes!

Watching Britains Got Talent with the unfortunates…

I’m here with Michael Dowell and Katy Williams. Were watching Britains Got Talent,  After contemplating Scollop Batch (or cob/roll etc), visiting Morrosons, buying a double cheeseburger then going back to the chippy for a Scollop Batch,  then Katy complaining about the price of the Scollop Batch…

Katy: 80p… Mike its 80p, can you believe that?

Guy Behind the counter: 40p for scollop, 40p for batch…

Katy: So how much is the sauce then?

Guy: thats on the house…

Katy: Oh thats bloody great aint it!

Katy on the way back to mine wouldn’t stop complaining on how she could get 2 loafs of bread for 40p… its a disgrace… overall we decided McDonalds is the best for snack time…

Katy’s Final Thoughts: Best value for money is McDonalds, I could get 12 batches for 40p instead of one stale batch, rapid bacteria growth… pathogens, and I expect service with a smile. Britains got talent being on in the background was about the best thing about that chippy.

Post any thoughts of Snack time foods, what is your favourite?