Egypt – Dead Man in pool and Script.

As most of you know I went to Sharm El (fucking) Sheikh (ya tits) last week. The place is absolutely beautiful, the best beach with the best sea and the best fish i’ve ever been to. Our hotel was a 5* star (4* rating by First Choice) and I have to agree with First Choice, although it was beautiful with its own private beach and luscious rooms with terrace leading down to the beach it didn’t have that 5* feel about it, in places the buildings walls were cracked and the drinks were not up to much. The food was lovely with a wide-range of english to italian to authentic egyptian cuisine.

What I don’t like about people on holiday was the fact I heard a few english moan about the amount of Italians and Russians. I mean let’s face it, if you don’t like foreign people don’t go abroad you stupid cunt. Also same with food I seen a teenage lass moaning about how the food tasted “too” foreign, HELLO, YOUR IN FUCKING EGYPT NOT SKEGGY.

We were about bit far out in sharm, the main town Nama Bay was a taxi a way and we managed to go there twice which was more of a place for families and young people holiday with its Pacha and Ministry of Sound nightclub! So we were very secluded in the fact that outside the hotel complex there was just sand… and the odd stray dog.

My next point is A LOT more negative! A man in his mid thirties died in the pool, no one knows how or why, suspected heart attack when jumping is the current best description. Although I wasn’t there as I was sleeping at 11am, it happened right infront of where my mum was sunbathing. A woman whom was next to my mum screamed help and a bunch of guys was dragging this lifeless body out of the bottom of the pool. Two nurses who were on holiday ran to the scene to resuscitate the man. My mum was comforting his screaming wife. The worst part… parents and children were in the pool swimming about watching all this happen without a care… i’m not judging here but fucking hell if my toddler was in the pool while people were dragging a dead body out of it I would get the toddler out and give the man some kind of dignity instead of watch it. Not just that, the hotel seemed to do nothing about it, they just walked past it all, the DJ still had pop music blaring out of the speakers, my step dad Mark feeling quite infuriated by it asked them to turn off the music and tell people to leave the pool, the DJ replied “I’m sorry I don’t have the authority to make such a big decision, heres the Mic do it yourself” What kind of fucking excuse is that, what an absolute twat! so Mark told people to leave the pool and turned the music off himself. The next bit… the supposedly “24 hour onsite doctor” strolled down to the pool side ten minutes into it all handing a oxygen canister to the two nurses, he then sat down and watched the nurses… what kind of fucking doctor is that. He did eventually do something productive by starting to help the nurses a little, but nothing to make him break a sweat, its not like its his job… oh wait yeah it fucking is.

That put me off the hotel and I wouldn’t go back again… ever. If i knew something like that would happen if it were me or one of my family.

Overall, i enjoyed the most part of the holiday and I loved egypt i would go again to the country but would go to Luxor or Cairo.

Also, after 4 to 5 books, 35 hours of playstation, up to probably 18 hours of movie watching and only a measly 5 hours of clubbing, I have been bored fucking shitless while being at home. So i resulted into doing something a little productive, Writing a script. heres a small description of the story im writing:

Michael is a blind man whom has always hated his set back no matter what front he puts on. However he soon realizes no matter what set backs there are in life you have to appreciate things you have while they last…

Michael (not based on me btw), is a blind man who has gone through his life without much care and only a slight hatred towards his blindness, the only major issues he does have are his lack of relationships. He is offered an experiment operation that could give him his sight back which given the more cons than pros he is hesitant, until a vicious incident leaves him resenting his set back more than ever. Although he receives encouragement and support from friends and family he still doesn’t feel happy during the process of the experiment which quickly gets turned over when a girl enters his life, however Michael learns a lesson due to a tragic ending to his unique love story.

This screenplay is a comedy/drama which im planning on for it to have an extremely sad ending. I may sound a bit sadist here but i like to make people feel strong emotion. So far only 28 pages are done (approx 28-30 minutes screen time) Feel free to download and read from the link below and ignore most of the mistakes (and it is based in america)

All characters are fictitious and if any character names or traits that may seem representative to a particular person is purely coincidental and not intentional.


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