Mikey’s & Katy’s Food Reviews: Panini & Tollgate

Well basically we went to a Deli stand in the centre of Coventry called “Bedrocks” as I have heard great things about the place mainly due to its low price… 

Well… we ordered a chicken tikka panini each… absolutely fucking disgusting! We not only had to watch her scrap pieces of burnt bread and chicken from the grill with her middle-aged love handles hanging out of her skimpy shirt… which made me feel a bit sick. The panini wasn’t even a panini, it was a toasted baguette with mayonnaise with curry powder and chicken, what gives them the right to call it a chicken “tikka” “panini” I don’t know. If it was £1.50 it would be ok… but for £2.95, daylight fucking robbery… 


Tollgate! the best place for a cavery, the service is really nice, the meat is fresh and a wide variety of vegetables which you help yourself to. The food is lovely 5/5! the woman who served us was extremely nice had a little chat with her. The best part of it was the price £3.95 if I could remember, could not fault it! 


In other news, Haven are bastards…

Personal shizzle: 

Holiday on monday!!  Devon Cliffs going to be PAARRRRAAA 

My friend Katherine (Diarrhea) is driving me (greatest person you will ever meet), Emma (Aids), and Joel (Swine Flu) to Lincoln town to see the new house! hell fucking yes!


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