Christianity & Homosexuality

Within the past few weeks I have seen an unusual spike on the social media over this ‘Religion VS Homosexuality’. Videos and posts had seem to be posted everywhere. This unusual spike of interest is the consequences of a video posted by a young man in Georgia when his parents confronted him of his sexuality here.

The mother starts off the conversation with words of love before jumping straight into the subject with expressing acknowledgement of his sexuality from a very young age. Something she then contradicts as ‘God doesn’t make you that way’ and claiming that his orientation is an outcome of a choice (How a young child chooses to be gay is beyond me). Now a lot of people are promoting this viral clip as ‘Parents beat up child/kid when he comes out.’ I think it’s extremely apparent this is not the case and please I’m not condoning anything that happened in this video, but it’s obvious this 20 year old ‘child’ has not just come out the closet and there seems to be issues within the family that are maybe not to do with his sexuality. I don’t take this video on face-value at all but what concerns me is this growing hatred caused by media.

Homosexuality is a sin. Regardless of the fact that it is only referenced very few times, it is still referenced as a sin and will always be continued to look on that way by those with faith. Lev 18:22 “You shall not lie with a man as with a woman; that is an abomination.” – It’s not vague. It’s not encrypted. Homosexuality is a sin. This is not to say that Christians hate homosexuals and that they believe they are a disgrace. It is also a sin to cast judgment and no sin takes precedence. All sin is equal and yet a lot of Christians are very guilty of seeing one above all else. John 8:7 “He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” Westboro Church is all but too familiar with this particular ideology that ‘Fags’ are the cause of Gods wrath and world problems. These people are hardly Christian but more; obsessed with anger towards homosexuals. WBC are on the very far end of the spectrum and are genuinely disturbing to true Christians. Regardless this makes news but it’s the overall cloud named Christianity that gets the blame.

It also goes the other way. News travels of the ‘gay agenda’ because all gays want to do nowadays is take over the world and take over traditions with their pink frilly dresses and cosmopolitan cocktails. Men in tight crisp white suits are to parade down the aisle in a choreographic manner lip syncing ‘Like A Prayer.’ And let’s not forget the horde of spikey haired women and their first dances to ‘All The Things She Said.’ Seem ridiculous?  Because it is. It’s not true or at least I hope I never experience a gay wedding like that. Gay marriage for the most part is a separate issue that borders legal equal rights and Christianity. So I’ll make my point very simple. Enforcing gay marriage upon a church purely for your own spectacle and indulgent is not right (this opinion extends to straight atheist couples).

I think it’s fair to say however that the vast majority of homosexuals are not trying to impose an agenda and neither are the vast majority of Christians are actively attacking gay people. But still more and more of what I experience when I speak to certain people is this hate. I am a homosexual man but I was once a Christian and if you must know my sexuality was only a small part of my loss of faith. Whilst I am one of the lucky ones, coming out for me was extremely breezy, the hardest part was telling my Christian friends. I really did expect the worst but I should have known better. I knew the bible. I knew it’s stance and I knew my friends. I did experience little animosity from those who I weren’t exactly close to. Whether proximity has relevance, is not the point. There was no condemnation from them because at the end of the day sin is equal and everyone is a sinner.

The difference is that Christians would want homosexuals to see that part of their lifestyle as a sin, just as Christians see parts of their own lifestyles as sins. Understandably this can be a cause of friction. However what some homosexuals need to also understand that whilst they may not believe in it, these people do and these people genuinely believe that they are trying to save you – Don’t take offence and hate them all your life. You want equality – let them speak their mind. There’s a flip side here, some Christians need to understand that people don’t like to be pushed. No one is protesting with placards to Christians that every time they masturbate they are one step closer to hell.

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