Haven Holiday/Breaking Dawn/Music

Well I went away to Devon Cliffs in Sandy Bay, Exmouth, on a haven holiday, yes I may be 2x the age of the general age that goes but even so I still get excited over the sight of the Haven mascots Rory the tiger, that monkey and Anxious the elephant!

It was very fun full of alcohol and getting up at 9:3o feeling rough as hell making 6 of my friends fried breakfast which for some might have been a dreading thought but for me I loved it! My Egg in baskets were a popular choice! 😉


I have finally finished the book Breaking Dawn part of the twilight series, was a bit annoyed at the lack of confrontation between the Volturi and the Cullens, but hey there was still more fucked up shit to keep one mind busy and interested! I really liked reading from Jacob’s point of view it allowed some more understanding of Jacob and the werewolf’s ways.

Last night I watched Push the film that was out earlier this year, I really enjoyed it, it had the super power theme but focused mainly on Cassie (Dakota Fanning… shudder) who keeps receiving visions of future but doesnt understand them, so her and Nick (Chris Evans) follow her obscure visions to find a suitcase and a run away “pusher” who has no memory, but of course there is a chinese mob of super powers after the same thing who they run into from time to time with some kind of screaming ability which can kill. The best scenes was Dakota Fanning getting thrown to the floor and a fight between Nick and some other guy with the same ability. What I did find Dakota Fanning less annoying in this film even though she plays the whining spoilt brat she always plays. 


After the holiday while i was bored I made a mix containing this tune (go to 1.05) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FA6Go9EcGXA – while still having a bit of Mikey extras 🙂  here is the download 


Also wondered if any had downloaded the new iPod touch version 3? I currently have no money in my account to download it but wanted to know people opinions and thoughts on it.


One comment on “Haven Holiday/Breaking Dawn/Music

  1. Joel says:

    Ha you love Dakota Fanning movies really!

    I’m getting my iPod upgrade tomorrow so I’ll let you know what upgrade 3 is like when I download it!

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