Watching Britains Got Talent with the unfortunates…

I’m here with Michael Dowell and Katy Williams. Were watching Britains Got Talent,  After contemplating Scollop Batch (or cob/roll etc), visiting Morrosons, buying a double cheeseburger then going back to the chippy for a Scollop Batch,  then Katy complaining about the price of the Scollop Batch…

Katy: 80p… Mike its 80p, can you believe that?

Guy Behind the counter: 40p for scollop, 40p for batch…

Katy: So how much is the sauce then?

Guy: thats on the house…

Katy: Oh thats bloody great aint it!

Katy on the way back to mine wouldn’t stop complaining on how she could get 2 loafs of bread for 40p… its a disgrace… overall we decided McDonalds is the best for snack time…

Katy’s Final Thoughts: Best value for money is McDonalds, I could get 12 batches for 40p instead of one stale batch, rapid bacteria growth… pathogens, and I expect service with a smile. Britains got talent being on in the background was about the best thing about that chippy.

Post any thoughts of Snack time foods, what is your favourite?


2 comments on “Watching Britains Got Talent with the unfortunates…

  1. Joel says:

    Not keen on scollop…especially not a batch of them! Maybe in a cob…

    It’s gotta be donner kebab.

    • michaellukemitchell says:

      you know what it meant by batch! depends where you get the donner kebab from, the fact the meats been there hanging all day infront of a heater kind of puts me off of it… wack loads of hot chilli sauce on it I quickly forget all doubts to eat it 🙂

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