James Cameron “Avatar” What to expect?

Ok, So here’s the story, James Cameron had an idea of a story being placed in a world other than earth, however when the idea came to him, he didn’t think CGI and Animatronics was good enough. When it was good enough he decides its time to make this film… ten years later, its close to its release.

Click here to view the trailer.

Well after being interested in the sound of the film i decided to do some research to see what it was about, Cameron states, he wanted his film to have a photorealistic experience, he was going to bring CGI to the max and show things that have never ever been seen before. He had a $300mil budget for this film, and now it’s close to its release in december people were sure he was going to win oscars and maybe go beyond his previous film Titanic in the gross income chart.

Exciting isn’t it? However If you haven’t yet already seen the trailer, watch it now… Does it look like a “Photorealistic” film? Maybe in 3-D it will give it a better edge, but in my personal opinion I don’t see a $300 mil production, I see CGI that looks good and pleasing but hardly to the “max” I actually think Transformers 2 has better CGI than this. I’m not doubting James Cameron’s talents i’m sure the film will have a brilliant and exciting storyline with some really good top of the class actors, but I fail to see what he claims to bring to the screen. My friend Joel didn’t know it was meant to be Live Action, in all seriousness, yes you can argue it is an animation film by the fact that it seems to have more CGI than actual people and the story doesn’t actually follow a “human body” at all, but correct me if I’m wrong photorealistic imagery is supposed break this barrier of Live Action and Animation.

Rumours have escalated that this trailer is only 30% of the true CGI, but i doubt this, if it is true than, what was he thinking releasing a trailer like this after promising so much.

Either way, it hasn’t stopped from going to see it, im still excited about it!


One comment on “James Cameron “Avatar” What to expect?

  1. Joel says:

    Yeah I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be live action or animated or what but it seemed like real life with Toy Story style graphics…!

    Will still watch it though, looks quite good!

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