3D Films are Stupid?

I came across an interesting video on YouTube by “Stormsink”  about 3D film being a gimick. Also something that me and Joel have laughed about after watching the Final Destination (See parody video below).

3D film is generally a new thing to cinemas originally the 3D films were made using the Anaglyph method in the 80s using two coloured filters usually one red and one blue/green to create depth, however this didn’t catch on aswell as they wanted to, because of the annoying use of seeing everything in red and green. It ruined the film and the 3D effect wasn’t particularly amazing. However nowaday cinema’s use RealD method, normally associated with IMAX cinemas. The viewer wears a pair of glasses, Polaroid filtered glasses which in simple terms, allow your eyes to bring two images together to give an illusion of depth without colour distortion, if you take the glasses off you see two images on screen and it looks very blurry.

Generally I like 3D cinema, (best experience is at the IMAX) Yeah so far the films that have been in 3D (for the adult audience) is a bit shit for example, Final Destination, but again I think that is more down to the film rather than the 3D technique. One thing I will say is i think Directors and Producers when making 3D films, think too much about the 3D effect, and feel the need to “show off.” In just under a year of the commercially produced 3D film, most people already find themselves cringing at the unneeded, unnecessary , clips like what has been parodied here (go to 2.04).

If Directors and Producers used 3D as just a technique and rather than showing off, 3D could easily take off further however already were seeing 3D films as one hit novelty. We’ll wait and see how Avatar does incorporating 3D with a Sci-Fi Fantasy Action.


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