Surrogates Review…

The general jist of the film follows a new type of technology called “Surrogates” which are robots that can be controlled with our minds, originally made for the Army and Disabled but the technology caught on quick and almost everyone was using Surrogates as a way of life, crime was decreasing and everyone used them (apart from small groups of people who was against it named “Dreads”)

The Look: The general look and style of the film seemed very similar to A.I (Artificial Intelligence) using the Half Human, Half robot look at certain parts of the film. Nothing new, nothing special either, it looked almost cartoonish not quite as good as A.I. The Surrogates looked plastic and you could generally tell between the Surrogates and Humans, although, most of the choreography of actors was very bad at times I.E walking like humans compared to other actors who walked harshly. This made the film look a bit amateurish.

The Story: Disappointing, had a lot of potential and I felt they played it safe rather than go all out there, which was fine but again originality was lacking and the story was very similar to I, Robot. Even using the same actor who invented the Robots in I, Robot, played the same character in Surrogates.

The Concept: The idea is very intriguing and they come across certain points of using robots as a alternative to human life. For example, a fat old homosexual guy was using a young pretty blonde as a surrogate. However I think the concept could have been explored a lot more and seemed very similar to The Matrix, the whole plug into virtual reality.

Overall: Not bad and makes a good easy watching, however I think they played it way to safe when I was expecting a bit more originality, it could have been a hell of a lot better. The choreography and lack of originality  just ruined it for me. I wont be buying on DVD but in a boring night in with sky movies it might get my viewing again. Sack the scriptwriter, sack the choreographer and the CGI director.


Thinking of going to see this film, don’t take my word for it, have a look at Joel’s Review.


2 comments on “Surrogates Review…

  1. Leah says:

    What’s happened to Joel, what have you done to him to render him mentally unstable?!!!!! lol

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