The Fifth Wave By Rick Yancey – Review

There is so much that goes on, yet it is written so perfectly and with such precision and subtle plot-cues, it makes perfect sense and tries not to fry the brain with information but it is Sci-fi heavy.

Set in the aftermath of an alien invasion, Cassie is alone and scared but she packs a lot of will… and the M16 comes in handy. She goes on a journey to find her younger brother amidst the new world, she has to face fears and come to trust her instincts because she sure as hell can’t trust anyone else but herself.

The story starts off on the dawn of the 5th wave with Cassie reminiscing about the first four waves of attacks from the silent but violent alien visitors in the sky. Whilst keeping your interest keen, it is not much of a page turner at first. The book is separated into sections and the first section is essentially the plot set-up with very little going on in the present world of Cassie. For a ‘young adults’ Sci-fi it is actually very Sci-fi heavy which I like but others may not be likened to at first. After this section of the book however it is all ‘go, go, go’ and the action really kicks in.

Cassie is sullen, sarky, strong willed and very intelligent with no care for trivial things, which provides a breath of fresh air from your usual ‘omg, I’m a whiney plain jane with nothing else going for me’. At times Yancey does fall Cassie into the cliche especially when it comes to the love interest – Ben Parish. At times it became extremely grating that Ben Parish gets mentioned as often as he does by Cassie, I don’t know about many people but I know if my family have died along with more than 90% of the population, my high-school crush wouldn’t exactly be in my thoughts. However these cliches are quite few and far between and it is pretty much bearable.

Whilst the main character is Cassie each section has been written from a different point of view. The other main character being Ben Parish/Zombie whom has been saved by the army and put into a camp to become a soldier, this creates a nice contrast of Ben’s seemingly safe base compared to Cassie’s isolation and survival in the wild. There is also a section in which is in Cassie’s brothers point of view, however I felt it didn’t really add much to the plot or the themes and seemed a bit unnecessary.

The book was been beautifully written and the plot, whilst still borrowing a lot from other alien-invasion stories, still provides an edge of originality that keeps it fresh in the Sci-fi genre. Yancey does not over do it and leaves a lot to the imagination and is constantly questioning who you trust as a reader much like the characters themselves. I definitely recommend it to any sci-fi lover and those who don’t enjoy sci-fi may just appreciate this book if you can handle the first section.

4/5 Rating:

I give it a 4/5 rating, would of got a 5 if it wasn’t for the cliches slipping through and the annoyingly slow-pace start. The rights for the film have been sold and is in-development. Whilst there still is a chance it may not be made, judging by the hype and sales of this book it is seems unlikely. I’d expect to see a film around 2015/early 2016 and it has a lot of potential to be fantastically cinematic. – Book trailer

The Event? What the hell is it?

As most of you know I am big lover of science fiction. So I was instantly addicted to nbc’s show, ‘The Event.’ It’s a conspiracy drama about a group of aliens that are held prisoner on earth, whilst they seem nice and peaceful there are a small number of them which have resulted into selfish acts and have no care for their race’s morality. Plus some old guy that pops in now and again.

Now it started off very nicely, with an absolutely gripping plot line which will keep you guessing… Unfortunately that’s where it’s charm ends. Ever since, it’s been a spaghetti of different plots, different theories and just too many characters to handle. As the show has gone on, it has had one major plot reveal, vaguely joining the old man and the aliens together but it wasn’t very satisfying.

The programme has only emphasised a specific future ‘event’ once, so if your wondering what the event is, you won’t get your answer anytime soon. I sense a kind of LOST plot going on, similar to how long it took to reveal what the dark cloud of death was. This event will definitely pop in script now and again but it won’t be revealed. Unlike LOST I don’t see this show gaining more than two/three seasons judging by the ratings.

Since it’s long season break, it has an annoying president, a sorry-for-himself lead, an uncharismatic good alien and a villain that is trying too hard. If the programme doesn’t pick back up soon I will lose complete interest and it’s a shame because it has so much potential.