Boycott Brown’s Bar – My Thoughts.

I’m sure everyone has heard just as much as everyone is disgusted by it. In short,

After rehearsing for a fallen comrades funeral servies, a few lads including a grieving brother ventured into Brown’s for hot drinks to calm nerves before the funeral. Unfortunately, for both the establishment and the lads, they were refused service. For being in uniform.

This is shocking, appalling and truly disrespectful. What the hell is going through their minds!? As shocking as it is and as much as it fills us with rage, I think it’s extremely important not to blame the employee staff involved. As most of them were following orders and doing as there told, we shouldn’t vent on them. We should be venting on the person giving these ridiculous and narrow minded orders.

Ken Brown, the owner, said to the BBC

“I can only apologise again to the family and anybody else who was upset during the funeral service. Just that I’m sorry and that it wouldn’t have happened if we had been aware of the funeral at the rear of Brown’s, in the cathedral.”

Whilst I believe he truly is sorry, I mean why wouldn’t you regret your actions of this scale however, what kind of excuse is this exactly? Why in the hell would you turn away men and women in military uniform in the midday (or any part of the day for that matter) regardless of a funeral? I would really like to know the reasoning behind this mans thinking. What in the hell makes his precious little establishment so damn amazing to abuse the right of refusal willy nilly. This cafe/bar has refused service to people for years for pathetic reasons such as – asking for something thats not on the menu, being bald, having a tattoo and not wearing the ‘right’ attire and I don’t mean turning away teenagers in outrages tracksuits or big goth-like boots, were talking turning away people because they were looking ‘too casual’. It is not a celebrity infested bar in central London! It is a bar up the road from the likes of The Golden Cross! I myself work in a cafe and was refused service for wearing my uniform, which by the way, is black trousers and black shirt.

Brown's Bar

Does it look like an upper-class joint?

This establishment is and has been suffering from major delusions of grandeur since the day it opened. It believes to be this pretentious and pompous bar when really it’s shit food, rubbish service and over-priced crap. I hope this is an eye-opener for Mr Brown and his ridiculous thoughts on good service, but it’s probably too late to be saved by now and it deserves everything coming to it.

It is also important to note, that threats of violence against Mr Brown or vandalism towards the bar, is hardly an answer to solve the problems. It will just make matters worse and will be best to just have the family of the fallen soldier in your thoughts and prayers as they grieve.