Best & Worst Films of 2011

2011m as far as films go it hasn’t really been the best for me personally. However there were a few golden gems. So to start off, with the best films.

Number 5: Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2

This film had everything the last harry potters were missing. A lot of action! The special effects were incredible, the story-line was dark, I was completely in awe of this film, considering I didn’t think much of the Harry Potter series before. However there were a few set-backs, one major plot-hole for me was the deathly hallows themselves. It didn’t quite explain anything in the film, as far as I gather from the book, the Deathly Hallows meant he could survive Voldemort’s attack. Which is why he had choice to go back in his death scene. Nevertheless great end to the franchise.

Number 4: Super-8

I really enjoyed this film, it had much less focus on the actual alien and more on the human emotion. This I like, and not only that, the actors really outdid themselves (whom were only about 14 and under). The effects was good and the score was brilliantly composed.

Number 3: Thor

Amazing film, brilliantly directed without being another cheesy comic adaptation like most are. I really enjoyed this considering I went into the cinema thinking I probably wont like it.

Number 2: Melancholia

Fantastic imagery and great story-telling. Trier’s film was the most talked about film in the industry. Featuring Kristen Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Melancholia casted a new light on depression which was bold, daring but at the same time a huge success. If you have not already seen this, please do. But bare in mind this film is not a blockbuster it’s not for everyone.

Number 1: Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes.

Easily my favourite film this year. After seeing the trailer my first thought of the film was “really?” but I was completely wrong. The performances was just out of this world, Andy Serkis really needs an oscar. The directer and writers managed to take a very out-dated and poor concept into something that was fresh and fantastic. I’m really looking forward to the sequel.


And the Fails of this year. I wont number them because there all just as bad as each other.

Worst films.

Source Code: I was confused, it didn’t really capture me. I was just plain bored.

Cowboys & Aliens: Had no real story-line, no real characters. It was so bad, it shouldn’t even be on this list, because this waste of precious film should never of been made.

In Time: A good concept. But thats all it ever was. The film never reached it’s potential, if it had any. It felt like a GCSE student got given a camera and thought WOW. That student then had a great idea which was executed so poorly, he had to bullshit his way to an A* by claiming the same old shit that it, ‘explores our commercial-based society’, blah blah fucking blah.

Rubber: A murderous tyre (that’s right, a tyre) that goes on a killing rampage. Dare I say more? – Although it does have a cult-feel to it, I’m sure there’s a group of Hipsters out there that love it.

Depression and a Huge-ass Planet – Melancholia Review

Lars Von Trier may have recently upset the Cannes Film Festival board for comments (in my opinion) that were really blown out of proportion, but theres no denying his visual art and unique story telling is one that is compelling and captivating. ‘Melancholia’ his new film has gotten quite the following.

Melancholia is the name of the super-earth planet on a collision course with earth. In the prologue, it’s course and the destruction it causes is shown in a montage of beautifully crafted scenes, little pieces of emotion-provoking visual aesthetics along with the Tristan Und Isolde’s prelude in the bed (a common theme throughout the film). It is known within the first sequence that earth never survives, and instantly recognize this will not end happy. However the film is not about earth, the planet nor is it about humanities end. It’s focused on two sisters, Kirsten Dunst as Justine and Charlotte Gainsbourg as Claire.

Split into two parts Justine is first as you spend the first hour watching how a clinically depressive bride spends her wedding reception. Kirsten Dunst is absolutely impecable at playing Justine, Trier is known for his pro-improvised techniques and when watching Kirsten it is quite hard to believe that it wasn’t scripted as such. However I found myself getting extremely annoyed and impatient with the character Justine so much that I didn’t know if I could take anymore. That only made me realise that Trier, possibly in one hour gave the best explanation what it is like to handle someone with that amount of depression. You literally mimic her sister, Claire and Claire’s husband John’s (Kiefer Sutherland) reaction towards her.

Part two of course is about Claire. Claire takes in a very sick Justine, that with the added pressure of the rogue planet Melancholia approaching. Claire finds her relationship with John on a rocky patch as John is fearless and has faith that humanity will survive, unlike Claire who fears otherwise. We follow Claire’s erratic behaviour for the rest of the film which has a little more going on. Charlotte Gainsbourg portrays Claire beautifully and seems to really get involved with the character.

Melancholia is literally beautiful in many ways. The message and the comparison of how the two sister react to the impending doom is prominent backed by visuals that are compelling and outstanding that are obviously a projection of Trier himself. The opening and final sequences are completely captivating as well as terrifying, unlike most blockbusters this film seems to make it real and will have you talking about for weeks after you have seen it. The ending was probably the best ending I have ever seen, not because of some morbid feelings but because the whole scene wasn’t some watered-down hollywood fairytale, but a fantastic depiction of reality and the special effects as the Planet collided into Earth’s atmosphere was scary but also very stunning. The film left me with a weird feeling which was “I must talk about this to people.”

Overall the film is definitely up there 9.5/10 – However I must warn, this style of film is not for everyone, it is not a blockbuster. If you are interested in the film, I urge you to at least try it. Currently available on iTunes and limited screenings nationwide.
(In Coventry – Warwick Arts Centre)

Get your stinking paws to the cinema! – Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes review

If you are film buff and/or over the age of 60, you may understand the title of this review, if you are not, you will find out if you see the new film “Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes.” Directed by Rupert Wyatt, based on the story and concept by Pierre Boulle ‘La Planète des Singes.’

After the critically bashed, yet financial success of Tim Burton’s Planet Of The Apes remake. Fox, instead of funding a sequel, seen fit to keep the money aside for a reboot. The right choice was most definitely made, with it’s all round impressiveness and a concrete plot that’s a fresh continuity reminiscent to the original series in the 60’s where everything takes place on earth, unlike Tim Burton’s version (regardless of it’s hard to handle ending) where the planet of the apes was a distant planet. It would be good to stress again because contrary to popular belief, this film is a reboot and it is not a prequel to Tim Burton’s version.

Will Rodman (James Franco) is trying to engineer a virus that repairs damaged brain cells which would then in turn cure alzheimer’s disease. However it comes with a very special effect, an increased of intelligence proven by a child chimpanzee that Will adopts named Caesar (Andy Serkis). The same virus works on Will’s Dad, Charles (John Lithgow), however his condition soon worsens and finds himself back to square one. After Charles upsets a local neighbour, Caesar comes to a rather forceful rescue which lands him in a local primate captivity. Ill-treated and outcasted by the other apes, Caesar starts planning. It goes without saying then that to everyone remotely familiar with the planet of the apes series, this plot will be very predictable. For the most part it is, but it is done in a way that still keeps your attention without it nagging at you and the ending, although not a twist, is still a big climax.

The most striking part of the film is the CGI that Weta Digital provides. Almost flawless as the apes fit seamlessly into the equilibrium of the film. Andy Serkis, the master of motion capture, performs as Caesar leaving you in complete awe. If you thought Serkis deserved an Oscar for Gollum, you will most definitely be in uproar of the academy’s lack of interest for this role. He brings to life the character that really connects you as the audience, you will find yourself rooting at his every move and maybe shedding a few tears, giving Roddy McDowall (Original Caesar) a run for his money. James Franco gives a great performance as usual, however at times I feel his character hadn’t been fully explored through dialogue, John Lithgow also provides an A* performance as portraying a man suffering from Alzheimer’s. Another notable performance from Tom Felton playing, well, a damn right evil bastard. However lacking was David Oyelowo as Will’s boss, whose script mainly contained disdain towards everything around him, with a ‘I want money and I don’t care how’ kind of attitude, but it just seemed a little unbelievable. Pointless role of the film goes to Freida Pinto‘s character Caroline, who has nothing to do apart from look pretty and give the odd conscience-provoking line.

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes will surely be the blockbuster to see at the moment, with the right mix of plot and brilliant performances and great CGI. It contains happy moments, some sad moments and iconic moments, most notably what my title is in reference to. However at times it seems the big people at Fox thought playing it safe was the better way to go, which is not a bad thing and probably the best way to go after Tim Burton’s ‘re-envisioning’. I’m sure and I hope the sequel will be green- lit soon, if not already and we may just have the next big franchise on our hands if it can live up to this one.

Overall 8.5/10

Chocolate Truffle Recipe

I very rarely post my own recipes, it might be because one day I’d like to own my cafe (Mikey’s Cheesecake Cafe) but recently being out of work I have divulged more into my cooking passion and tried something new. Chocolate making. After watching Ina Garten from Barefoot Contessa make chocolate truffles, I was inspired, however I  didn’t write down the ingredients and I didn’t have her books. So instead I tailored a recipe for Chocolate Ganache that would be suitable for truffles (and wouldn’t melt!). 

Time: 6 hrs and 20 minutes.

You need:

160 ml of double cream,

800 grams milk chocolate (or 400 grams baking chocolate [70%coco] and 400 milk),
1 tsp of Muscovado sugar, (Optional)
Icing sugar.
2 Tsp of almond (or any other flavourings including liqours) flavourings.
200g of Crushed nuts (Optional) 
1/2 cup and 2 teaspoons of heavy cream, 
800 grams milk chocolate (or 400 grams semisweet and 400 milk), 
1 tsp of Muscovado sugar, (Optional)
Icing sugar.
2 Tsp of almond (or any other flavourings including liqours) flavourings.
200g of Crushed nuts (Optional) – Hazelnuts recommended. 

Step 1:
Put the cream in a bowl over simmering water, and chop up 400grams of milk or semi sweet chocolate into very small pieces, when the cream is hot (don’t let it boil) pour the chocolate in and stir into a thick sauce almost pastey like texture. 
Put in the mixture, two teaspoons of Muscovado sugar and two or one teaspoons of your flavouring depending on your tastes and mix well. You can also add smashed nuts here if you like a crunchy middle. Leave to set uncovered for six hours at room temperature. 

Step 2:
When set, have baking parchment laid out, and dust your hands and the parchment thoroughly with icing sugar. Spoon heaped teapsoons of the mixture and roll them into rough balls with your hands. Keep dusting your hands after each ball. You may need to roll the balls in additional icing sugar to ensure they don’t stick to the parchment. 
Don’t worry if there not even.  (If you’re adding crushed nuts to the coating, be sure to crush them now ready)

Step 3:
When you’re finished with rolling the mixture, you then need to temper 400 grams of milk chocolate you have left. If you don’t know how, I chop it all up finely, put 3/4 of the chocolate in a bowl and microwave 15 seconds on high, take it out stir it and repeat until just about melted, then I add the last 1/4 of chocolate and stir until smooth. If it doesn’t fully melt, put it in the microwave for another 10 seconds. Leave to cool slightly. 400 grams of chocolate is quite an expense so you do not want to overheat the chocolate as this will ruin it and you will have to start with new chocolate and ensure your chocolate is not in contact with any moisture, this will seize the chocolate and it will separate.

Then pick up and coat each ball, I use two tablespoons for this and cover it generously. You can also use a cocktail stick to hold the ball and spoon the chocolate over it but it’s more likely to slip off. This process may take a while and the tempered chocolate may start to set, just put it in the microwave for 10 seconds and leave it cool again and carry on. When coated, you can decorate them while there setting with coco power, crushed nuts or make tempered dark chocolate to swirl over. (Be sure to be quick! It will set very quickly). 

Once all coated and decorated, leave to set for 15-20 minutes at room temperature. Alternatively if you’re saving them for later, you can put them in a fridge, but Truffles are best ate at room temperature. 

Truffles will keep for under 48 hours in room temperature and 5 days tightly packed in a fridge. 

Jobs & Fears of a Best Man

One of my best friends is getting married in a week, and I was given the honor of Best Man, but it’s always confused me what this specific job is. Although I suppose the maid of honor has it hard, putting up with the brides stresses, sorting out the morning and making sure the bride’s make-up, hair and dress are ready in time. I am thankful that my morning as best man comes down to a quick McDonalds breakfast before the wedding. But it’s always confused me what exactly does a Best Man do!

Princess Lay-Her

Of course when you are asked to be Best Man the first thing that comes to your head is the Stag do, which we celebrated almost a month ago dressing the groom-to-be in a sassy Princess Leia costume (AKA Princess Lay-Her). After all that spending, drinking and general messing about the speech is what you think about next, and is what really starts to daunt on you!

The first fear that comes with any speech where it’s almost mandatory to add humour is, “Will they laugh?” and it is a growing fear amongst all Best Mans across the world that may not consider themselves humorous. One thing that is comfort to me is that

1. People will be slightly tipsy.
2. High off the endorphines of the day and;
3. People tend to laugh at anything in fear of being rude.

Some best pieces of advice to me was, to bring your personality out, be straight to the point and just write your speech like its a conversation between friends because that’s when people are most humorous. Another piece of advice, which was possibly the best advice was to have someone there as a ‘laughing cue’ because when you hear someone laugh at these events, you laugh along with them, it’s rude not to. I’d perhaps don’t want to do that, because that would be cheating!

Another thing that comes to any wedding role, is ‘What is Tradition?’ and ‘What is done today?’. These lines seem to blur, no one seems to know exactly where people sit, the order of speeches and who does what. Traditionally the Best Man never gave much of a speech, a few words about the new couple first, then they would read out mail and messages from those who couldn’t attend, thank those you did attend and thank the Bridesmaids. Then during minglin, he would decorate the marital car with cans and ribbons ready for their departure.

In America the tradition will go further, in the states it’s common for the Bride and Groom to leave for their honeymoon during the reception or close to when it’s finished. The Best Man would, few days prior, have their luggage, passports, credit cards and any other belongings to pack in the marital car (and also pay for the marital car) as well as decorating it accordingly. He would then pay for the hotel reception and ensure every guest has transport for going home, and pay for that transport if need be. He would pay any fee’s that needed to be paid cash-in-hand on the day (like flower deliveries, choir boys, organists, etc). Unlike the Bride’s father that would pay for everything that needed to be paid in advanced.  – Boy I am glad I’m not American!

In England before Stag culture in the 16th century, the Best Man would pay the ministers fee, it would also be an odd number for good luck, he would also ensure that when the Groom left for the church he had everything he needed, because once on-route turning around was bad luck. Best Man would usually pay any outstanding fee’s, but these are not his main responsibility. His main responsibility was to actually assist in the kidnapping of the Bride, and to protect the Groom from harm if the Brides family wish to fight back. If the family retrieved the Bride back, the Best Man would pay the ransom fee to the Father of the Bride, which was usually given to the Bride.

It’s funny how traditions change, but it’s also a very good thing!  Nowadays a Best Man may never do a speech (if there is a best man at all) and a lot of Best Man duties are tailored on what the Bride and Groom want, rather than passed down traditions.

On that note, hoped you learnt something, I sure have this past week sorting out a speech.

I’d like to end on Congratulations to Hannah Smith (soon to be Murray) and Joel Murray, their wedding is on 16th July 2011.

Films – Undiscovered Gems

Films you may never of heard of, but would be interested in watching.

In the world of cinema, ‘indie films’ are a lot more accessible than they used to be due to the growing popularity and interest in Sundance and Cannes film festivals. We see a lot more ‘indie films’ nowadays gaining popularity and worldwide theatrical releases however they’re still few and far between, regardless of how many awards they may win, they may never see the light of day after their festival showing. Here are a few that I have watched.

The Station Agent

Winner of Best Drama, Best Screenplay, Best Performance at Sundance. This film follows a man named Fin, born with Dwarfism (Peter Dinlage, Death At A Funeral [both of them]). When Fin’s best friend dies, their beloved train-fanatics shop is closed down and Fin inherits an old train depot in a desolate part of New Jersey. Fed-up of modern society the old train depot becomes his new get away where he can be alone. But an overly chatty mobile-cafe owner (Bobby Cannavale) and a clumsy divorcee (Patricia Clarkson) threaten his peace and blossoms an unlikely friendship.

This film is less about causing scandals and big dramas like a lot of the films we see. It’s more of an inner journey of three people coming together. It’s a breath of fresh air, an easy watch and unknowingly charming. This film is available to buy in the UK from and iTunes.


An adaptation of a novel of the same name. Flipped is about a young boy (Callan McAuliffe) that has been pestered and followed by a girl (Madeline Carroll) of the same age in his neighbourhood. After countless times the young boy Bryce has told her to back off, but its when the girl, Juli, loses interest that Bryce starts to develop for her and the tables have now turned.

It’s a simple film with a simple story. At times it is witty, the dialogue is well thought out and it isn’t overly cheesy like other films of the same genre. As far as I know it didn’t manage to win awards.  The film is available to buy from

Adrift in Manhattan

Nominated for Best Narrative at Sundance, winner of Best Narrative at Indianapolis International Film  Festival and Best Director at San Diego. It’s a story about three different people’s lives within the city, an overly insecure boy abused by his mother, a mother who lost a child and an artist losing his sight. Their paths intricately woven together, this film shows hardship and struggle within human relations. Starring Victor Rasuk (HBO’s How To Make It In America), Heather Graham (The Guru, The Hangover) and Dominic Chianese (The Godfather Part 2).

I don’t know what it is about this film that gives it it’s appeal. The performances of the three actors is just spectacular and the overall film is charming and you can’t help but watch more. Again this film is available from

Nintendo 3DS review

Nintendo released a new addition to the DS family with a new selling point, as you may already know unless you’re living under a rock, it has 3D capabilities. That’s not the only addition which many other reviewers seem to forget.

The most obvious is the addition of a circle pad, it comes warmly welcomed making movement and gameplay on the 3DS more fluidly than the D-pad, although compatible to use with older DS games the movement is not so fluid. The feel on the thumb makes it a lot more natural to use and you instantly find yourself using it instead of the D-pad. The homescreen itself is much nicer looking with better graphics, you notice that the unit is much faster than previous models and the homescreen button comes with a much better experience (We all remember the annoying, turning on/turning off just to get back to the homescreen!). Newer 3DS games come with ‘suspended software’ feature allowing you to go back to the homescreen at any point during a game, however to open up another piece of software you will have to close the previous, this is not compatible  with older DS games. The touchscreen is also more sensitive lowing the chances of scratches from the stylus and allowing to use your fingers if you happen to lose your stylus. I can’t say much else about other features such as internet and 3DSware as it is not available yet.

One big annoyance is the headphone jack being in the front-middle of the unit, when playing lying down on your back it can make the headphone lead seem intrusive and distracting. Wireless comes with an on-off slider switch at the side where the power button used to be, very confusing at first but you get used to it quick enough. The volume slider is also somewhat of a problem area, it is placed on the circle/d-pad side which makes accidentally altering the volume a common occurence.

Now to talk about the 3D. At first play it is very impressive and a bit of a shocker to the eye. The 3DS has to be held in a certain position with limitation to be able to get the full 3D effect, after a while the feelings of nausea and headache start to kick in and the depth slider doesn’t seem to make that much of a difference. However in a matter of days I found myself naturally holding the the system in that position without feelings of discomfort. Again for the 3D, I quickly got used to it and the feelings of nausea calmed down. However be aware, everyone is different and for the minority these side effects may take longer or may never disappear. From what I gather if your tolerant of 3D films, then you’re good to go, if not then the depth slider is your best friend. As far as enhancement to gaming, there isn’t much, novelty quickly runs low and you don’t really notice it anymore, neither a good or a bad thing, it is what it is.

It comes already built in with Augmented reality games which are really fun to get you started. Streetpass is also a nice addition if you use it, it allows you to gather information whilst walking around in public about other Mii’s and the possibility of becoming friends in StreetPlaza. 3DS games are starting to support streetpass such as Nintendogs. 3D pictures are quite fun at first but the quality is truly terrible and makes it less of a likable feature, it works best with the focus point being around 30cm away from the two lenses.

I think it is important to say that if you don’t like 3D, don’t shy away too much from the 3DS because it’s other features, such as a faster system,  better graphics and introduction of Mii’s, make it worth the while. The 3DS is the step in the right direction with it’s better wifi and other wireless capabilities. The 3D aspect of the system whilst good, doesn’t need to be the deciding spectacle of the new console and wouldn’t be missed if dropped in the future.

Overall 8/10.

The Turncoats by G.L. Twynham Review

Ever find that most young adult books have a slow lagging story that, may have you hooked until the early hours of the morning, however the climax just had you wishing you never bothered devoting time and money *cough* Twilight *cough*.

Not with ‘The Turncoats’, this book is one of the only books I’ve managed to finish in one sitting, I was warned by a friend that I would not be able to put it down, eight hours later, I was finished.  G.L. Tywnham based in my current University-home county of Lincolnshire is just starting to branch out of that ‘local’ author box, due to the growing popularity of ‘The Thirteenth’. Twynham has done it again with it’s sequel ‘The Turncoats’. The series follows Valerie Saunders as she finds out in ‘The Thirteenth’ she was not quite the normal just-turned-eighteen year old girl she thought she was and has a much bigger destiny.

In The Turncoats she is forced to embrace her destiny further with the help of a few human friends, she goes through painstaking tasks, hits many emotional bricks walls and generally is just a ‘bad-ass’. You will not expect the twists and, if not vigilant enough, the small things scattered around the book will come back at you without a moments warning.

When reading the book you will find that the character depth is very deep, you really start to connect and hear each individual voice clearly throughout the book. Visualising is very clear and, at parts, leaves much up to the minds eye to fill in the gaps without forcing yourself. Although ‘The Thirteenth’ was good, Twynham has improved massively and ‘The Turncoats’ seems more planned out and has a lot more goals with more complicated characters – the traits of a very skilled author considering it’s her second book. One thing ‘The Turncoats’ has that ‘The Thirteenth’ was missing was a bit more humour, especially in these types of books, a character specifically made for humour and relief adds a nice touch. Enter ‘Zac Efron’, no not the actor, an alien who is to guide Val, whom took on the name of Zac Efron. He is a funny character who doesn’t quite grasp humans or human culture, one section of the book where he experiences his first 3D film was especially amusing, I don’t want to give away much of his character, but he does have the best lines in the book.

This is all I’m going to say, I do find it hard to review sequels without giving away too much of the first book. Although this book has a Young Adult’s demographic, I don’t think that it should end there. I’d definitely recommend no matter what age as this series has a lot of depth and a climax that I am certain you will not see coming and myself certainly can not wait for the third book. Overall a 9/10 rating from me.

The Event? What the hell is it?

As most of you know I am big lover of science fiction. So I was instantly addicted to nbc’s show, ‘The Event.’ It’s a conspiracy drama about a group of aliens that are held prisoner on earth, whilst they seem nice and peaceful there are a small number of them which have resulted into selfish acts and have no care for their race’s morality. Plus some old guy that pops in now and again.

Now it started off very nicely, with an absolutely gripping plot line which will keep you guessing… Unfortunately that’s where it’s charm ends. Ever since, it’s been a spaghetti of different plots, different theories and just too many characters to handle. As the show has gone on, it has had one major plot reveal, vaguely joining the old man and the aliens together but it wasn’t very satisfying.

The programme has only emphasised a specific future ‘event’ once, so if your wondering what the event is, you won’t get your answer anytime soon. I sense a kind of LOST plot going on, similar to how long it took to reveal what the dark cloud of death was. This event will definitely pop in script now and again but it won’t be revealed. Unlike LOST I don’t see this show gaining more than two/three seasons judging by the ratings.

Since it’s long season break, it has an annoying president, a sorry-for-himself lead, an uncharismatic good alien and a villain that is trying too hard. If the programme doesn’t pick back up soon I will lose complete interest and it’s a shame because it has so much potential.

iPad 2!

The iPad 2 is coming our way in 16 days, with its new design which are generally standard Apple new product features – it’s thinner, it’s lighter and it’s faster. But is it worth it?

The iPad 1 which will now be redeemed as chunky pieces of crap is still pretty fast! The apps don’t actually take that much of RAM, of course they can’t, now that the 3rd parties can play with more RAM, will you actually notice the difference? Most likely not, apps will just be bigger, but more than likely, developers wont delve too quickly into the ‘let’s-take-up-more-ram’ mode, as most users have an attention span of a dog in a park. If it doesn’t load quickly enough it will get closed, deleted and then badly reviewed [if they could be bothered].

Thinner and lighter is always a plus! The iPad although fairly thin and fairly light it did have a bit of an ache on the hand on long periods of time, but thats sorted with a range of cases out there to help you.

Camera – Which is a brilliant plus, however let’s face it, are we going to hold our iPads to take pictures? The answer is most likely no and FaceTime is very much a use-now-and-again gimmick, like the fad of video calling when we were younger was exciting and revolutionary, and the younger generation today don’t even realise you can do it. However, I am expecting some brilliant apps that might be able to do something with it. Can we expect skype compatibility with it?

Smart Cover – Now this is a lovely improvement, and it don’t even come with the iPad, which is annoying, considering you spend X amount of money, they could at least supply the cover free and not of an extra cost of £35-£40!! Although it’s designed so we could see the beautiful design of iPad, somehow, showing every one the aluminum back doesn’t do the iPad justice. Regardless, it’s a simple design that has brilliant uses. But please Apple better colours!! They make the iPad look like a glossy play thing.

So lastly is it worth £429+ money to be spent, again. In my opinion, no. I don’t think the transition is that great and theres still much more improvement to be done, definitely a better file-sharing system and USB accessories to give it that extra bit of independence. However, maybe with the rumoured iOS5, it may just be worth it, but I think I am happy with spending £429+ every two years for now!