Chocolate Truffle Recipe

I very rarely post my own recipes, it might be because one day I’d like to own my cafe (Mikey’s Cheesecake Cafe) but recently being out of work I have divulged more into my cooking passion and tried something new. Chocolate making. After watching Ina Garten from Barefoot Contessa make chocolate truffles, I was inspired, however I  didn’t write down the ingredients and I didn’t have her books. So instead I tailored a recipe for Chocolate Ganache that would be suitable for truffles (and wouldn’t melt!). 

Time: 6 hrs and 20 minutes.

You need:

160 ml of double cream,

800 grams milk chocolate (or 400 grams baking chocolate [70%coco] and 400 milk),
1 tsp of Muscovado sugar, (Optional)
Icing sugar.
2 Tsp of almond (or any other flavourings including liqours) flavourings.
200g of Crushed nuts (Optional) 
1/2 cup and 2 teaspoons of heavy cream, 
800 grams milk chocolate (or 400 grams semisweet and 400 milk), 
1 tsp of Muscovado sugar, (Optional)
Icing sugar.
2 Tsp of almond (or any other flavourings including liqours) flavourings.
200g of Crushed nuts (Optional) – Hazelnuts recommended. 

Step 1:
Put the cream in a bowl over simmering water, and chop up 400grams of milk or semi sweet chocolate into very small pieces, when the cream is hot (don’t let it boil) pour the chocolate in and stir into a thick sauce almost pastey like texture. 
Put in the mixture, two teaspoons of Muscovado sugar and two or one teaspoons of your flavouring depending on your tastes and mix well. You can also add smashed nuts here if you like a crunchy middle. Leave to set uncovered for six hours at room temperature. 

Step 2:
When set, have baking parchment laid out, and dust your hands and the parchment thoroughly with icing sugar. Spoon heaped teapsoons of the mixture and roll them into rough balls with your hands. Keep dusting your hands after each ball. You may need to roll the balls in additional icing sugar to ensure they don’t stick to the parchment. 
Don’t worry if there not even.  (If you’re adding crushed nuts to the coating, be sure to crush them now ready)

Step 3:
When you’re finished with rolling the mixture, you then need to temper 400 grams of milk chocolate you have left. If you don’t know how, I chop it all up finely, put 3/4 of the chocolate in a bowl and microwave 15 seconds on high, take it out stir it and repeat until just about melted, then I add the last 1/4 of chocolate and stir until smooth. If it doesn’t fully melt, put it in the microwave for another 10 seconds. Leave to cool slightly. 400 grams of chocolate is quite an expense so you do not want to overheat the chocolate as this will ruin it and you will have to start with new chocolate and ensure your chocolate is not in contact with any moisture, this will seize the chocolate and it will separate.

Then pick up and coat each ball, I use two tablespoons for this and cover it generously. You can also use a cocktail stick to hold the ball and spoon the chocolate over it but it’s more likely to slip off. This process may take a while and the tempered chocolate may start to set, just put it in the microwave for 10 seconds and leave it cool again and carry on. When coated, you can decorate them while there setting with coco power, crushed nuts or make tempered dark chocolate to swirl over. (Be sure to be quick! It will set very quickly). 

Once all coated and decorated, leave to set for 15-20 minutes at room temperature. Alternatively if you’re saving them for later, you can put them in a fridge, but Truffles are best ate at room temperature. 

Truffles will keep for under 48 hours in room temperature and 5 days tightly packed in a fridge. 


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