Films – Undiscovered Gems

Films you may never of heard of, but would be interested in watching.

In the world of cinema, ‘indie films’ are a lot more accessible than they used to be due to the growing popularity and interest in Sundance and Cannes film festivals. We see a lot more ‘indie films’ nowadays gaining popularity and worldwide theatrical releases however they’re still few and far between, regardless of how many awards they may win, they may never see the light of day after their festival showing. Here are a few that I have watched.

The Station Agent

Winner of Best Drama, Best Screenplay, Best Performance at Sundance. This film follows a man named Fin, born with Dwarfism (Peter Dinlage, Death At A Funeral [both of them]). When Fin’s best friend dies, their beloved train-fanatics shop is closed down and Fin inherits an old train depot in a desolate part of New Jersey. Fed-up of modern society the old train depot becomes his new get away where he can be alone. But an overly chatty mobile-cafe owner (Bobby Cannavale) and a clumsy divorcee (Patricia Clarkson) threaten his peace and blossoms an unlikely friendship.

This film is less about causing scandals and big dramas like a lot of the films we see. It’s more of an inner journey of three people coming together. It’s a breath of fresh air, an easy watch and unknowingly charming. This film is available to buy in the UK from and iTunes.


An adaptation of a novel of the same name. Flipped is about a young boy (Callan McAuliffe) that has been pestered and followed by a girl (Madeline Carroll) of the same age in his neighbourhood. After countless times the young boy Bryce has told her to back off, but its when the girl, Juli, loses interest that Bryce starts to develop for her and the tables have now turned.

It’s a simple film with a simple story. At times it is witty, the dialogue is well thought out and it isn’t overly cheesy like other films of the same genre. As far as I know it didn’t manage to win awards.  The film is available to buy from

Adrift in Manhattan

Nominated for Best Narrative at Sundance, winner of Best Narrative at Indianapolis International Film  Festival and Best Director at San Diego. It’s a story about three different people’s lives within the city, an overly insecure boy abused by his mother, a mother who lost a child and an artist losing his sight. Their paths intricately woven together, this film shows hardship and struggle within human relations. Starring Victor Rasuk (HBO’s How To Make It In America), Heather Graham (The Guru, The Hangover) and Dominic Chianese (The Godfather Part 2).

I don’t know what it is about this film that gives it it’s appeal. The performances of the three actors is just spectacular and the overall film is charming and you can’t help but watch more. Again this film is available from


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