The Event? What the hell is it?

As most of you know I am big lover of science fiction. So I was instantly addicted to nbc’s show, ‘The Event.’ It’s a conspiracy drama about a group of aliens that are held prisoner on earth, whilst they seem nice and peaceful there are a small number of them which have resulted into selfish acts and have no care for their race’s morality. Plus some old guy that pops in now and again.

Now it started off very nicely, with an absolutely gripping plot line which will keep you guessing… Unfortunately that’s where it’s charm ends. Ever since, it’s been a spaghetti of different plots, different theories and just too many characters to handle. As the show has gone on, it has had one major plot reveal, vaguely joining the old man and the aliens together but it wasn’t very satisfying.

The programme has only emphasised a specific future ‘event’ once, so if your wondering what the event is, you won’t get your answer anytime soon. I sense a kind of LOST plot going on, similar to how long it took to reveal what the dark cloud of death was. This event will definitely pop in script now and again but it won’t be revealed. Unlike LOST I don’t see this show gaining more than two/three seasons judging by the ratings.

Since it’s long season break, it has an annoying president, a sorry-for-himself lead, an uncharismatic good alien and a villain that is trying too hard. If the programme doesn’t pick back up soon I will lose complete interest and it’s a shame because it has so much potential.


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