iPad 2!

The iPad 2 is coming our way in 16 days, with its new design which are generally standard Apple new product features – it’s thinner, it’s lighter and it’s faster. But is it worth it?

The iPad 1 which will now be redeemed as chunky pieces of crap is still pretty fast! The apps don’t actually take that much of RAM, of course they can’t, now that the 3rd parties can play with more RAM, will you actually notice the difference? Most likely not, apps will just be bigger, but more than likely, developers wont delve too quickly into the ‘let’s-take-up-more-ram’ mode, as most users have an attention span of a dog in a park. If it doesn’t load quickly enough it will get closed, deleted and then badly reviewed [if they could be bothered].

Thinner and lighter is always a plus! The iPad although fairly thin and fairly light it did have a bit of an ache on the hand on long periods of time, but thats sorted with a range of cases out there to help you.

Camera – Which is a brilliant plus, however let’s face it, are we going to hold our iPads to take pictures? The answer is most likely no and FaceTime is very much a use-now-and-again gimmick, like the fad of video calling when we were younger was exciting and revolutionary, and the younger generation today don’t even realise you can do it. However, I am expecting some brilliant apps that might be able to do something with it. Can we expect skype compatibility with it?

Smart Cover – Now this is a lovely improvement, and it don’t even come with the iPad, which is annoying, considering you spend X amount of money, they could at least supply the cover free and not of an extra cost of £35-£40!! Although it’s designed so we could see the beautiful design of iPad, somehow, showing every one the aluminum back doesn’t do the iPad justice. Regardless, it’s a simple design that has brilliant uses. But please Apple better colours!! They make the iPad look like a glossy play thing.

So lastly is it worth £429+ money to be spent, again. In my opinion, no. I don’t think the transition is that great and theres still much more improvement to be done, definitely a better file-sharing system and USB accessories to give it that extra bit of independence. However, maybe with the rumoured iOS5, it may just be worth it, but I think I am happy with spending £429+ every two years for now!


2 comments on “iPad 2!

  1. Captain Brilliance says:

    Your reviews are badly worded, often lack correct punctuation and are generally a terrible waste of time to read. Stop deluding yourself that people care what you have to say.

    • Michael says:

      ‘Captain Brilliance’ People do care when I speak everybody listens/ You obviously care enough to hide your real name and read my reviews to be able to comment criticism. The beauty of the internet means I can post what the fuck I like.

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