Top Five Films of 2010

End of the year, so top five for this year and a most anticipated for 2011 coming up!

5:  Possibly Eclipse, it was a good film, easy watch and action and effects were pretty good.. too bad about the acting.

4: Tron for it’s awesome effects, brilliant score and not too bad acting. However the plot was pretty weak.

3. Harry Potter And The deathly hallows part 1: Never much a fan of the other harry potters however this one caught me! I was really impressed overall by it.

2. Inception, it was really good, brilliant special effects and a very strong but complex plot and concept with a brilliant cast. However it gets the second place, because it’s not one of them films for me, that I can watch over and over again. I think once or twice is enough

1. Kick-Ass, it was funny, brilliantly done with an awesome cast and fantastic script-writing. It’s a film I can watch over and over again with friends or by myself. Which is why I think it deserves the top spot, mainly for it’s script and cast.

Worst films of the year – In no particular order.

Daybreakers – Awful concept, awful script, awful cast. I was bored.

Iron Man 2 – Impressive effects. Boring everything else.

Clash of The Titans – It has nice imagery, and a great cast. But I think the Director was rushing things and it ruined the overall feel of it.

Not-So-Bad-Not-So-Good of the year:

Prince of Persia – it was ok, good watch, easy to understand, nice effects, but I can’t see myself watching it again unless it’s on TV in the background.

Social Network – This was going to be on my top five because I thought it was really good, however I myself wouldn’t watch it again and I am not buying it on DVD/Bluray so it says in this section.


3 comments on “Top Five Films of 2010

  1. James Doc says:

    Worst film of the year goes to Skyline. Just plain awful.

  2. Joel says:

    As you know, I liked Daybreakers! A breath of fresh air for vampire films.
    Didn’t think Tron’s effects alone deserved a top five place, looking back possibly PoP instead?

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