Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Pt 1 Review

A well overdue review of the first part of the last film to the Harry Potter series.

My past runnings with the Harry Potter series have been a roller-coaster, in short, one is OK, two is rubbish, three is worse, four was really good, five was alright, six was just damn right confusing. I haven’t read the books before, whilst many people will say “You have to read the books to understand the film”  and many people say it as if it’s a no-brainer not knowing that there actually insulting the film. I’m sorry but it’s true, if you have to read the books to understand it’s just bad film making.

The world is now under almost certain control by Voldemort, who wants rid of Mudbloods and muggles but most importantly he wants Harry Potter for dead. Meanwhile Harry and friends are on a journey to find all the horcuxes; which are parts of Voldemorts soul, so they can make him mortal and thus be able to kill him.

The film opens up dark, gritty and almost disturbing as the opening carries on to see Voldemort and his posse torturing and killing a teacher and then straight into action as Harry and friends cast spells hundreds of feet in the air, with amazing effects and brilliant sound effects. I’m loving the scenes set in and around London whilst doing a ghetto-shoot-out style duelling in a cafe. Furthermore about half of the national parks in Great Britain seemed to be featured in beautiful shots that were more than aesthetically pleasing, in contrast to the dirty whites and the dark greys of the Malfoy Manor.

The acting quality for the most was believable, the small part of Bill Nighy was definitely impressing along with Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Ralph Fiennes and Helena Bonham Carter, however lacking was Daniel Radcliffe, his acting skills had never seemed to matured over the years. In one scene where there is an argument with Ron and Harry, his acting seemed almost cringe worthy compared to Rupert, nevertheless it’s almost impossible to imagine Harry Potter as anyone else.

The bad points of the film, confusion. I had to of been explained many of the things, for example the jinx when someone says Voldemort and the ‘splinching’ plus some of the scenes at ministry of magic didn’t look as if they were getting anywhere, I had actually forgotten why they were there. Another bad point was actually about 30 minutes of the film. The tent scenes although filled with glorious scenic shots it wasn’t enough to keep me interested in watching them ‘hang out.’ It seemed to drag on and on and while die-hard fans would disagree with my next point I have to say most of it should have been cut out to keep the audience interested, like it has always been mentioned before, exact copying from book-to-film (and vice versa) doesn’t work, and those thirty minutes of bore just prove that point. Last tiny rant was about the score, it was seriously lacking in quality and effectiveness, I understand John Williams who composed the famous hook from the first film couldn’t come back for the final two parts due to scheduling but Alexandre Desplat seemed to have bought no thought to the music at all.

Best til last, my all time favourite part of the film was the brilliantly animated ‘shadow puppet style’ sequence of the story of the deathly hallows, it was a really nice touch and made the complicated story a lot easier to comprehend as well as an eye-pleaser.

Overall the general crowd will be pleased by the film, whether you have read the books or not, and it’s had such a change from the ‘everything is happy’ like first film, it’s like Disney turning to devil worship, it’s brilliantly intriguing. 8/10


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