Saw 3D review

Halloween was once binded by the musical hook of John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween.’ However in the 2000’s Halloween now holds the musical hook of Saw (you’ve got it in your head now haven’t you) with yet another film to add to the series. Big time gore lovers and cringe cravers will be pleased by this installment to the series, sadly the series has completely lost the plot.


Promotional Poster

The first Saw film was a clever story with a simple message but with added gore and it worked very well. The films signature character Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) sets traps for his victims, victims whom he deems to have abused their lives from adultery to drugs to murder. The victims normally have to undergo large amounts of pain through these torturous tasks to be able to get out alive so they can truly appreciate their life.

Since the first film, the films progressively lost all of it’s original meaning and message to now limiting itself to the traps themselves as a spectacle for the films promotion. Since Jigsaw’s death in Saw 3 I don’t think the writers actually cared that much as to who was behind Jigsaw but rather, ‘let’s see how sick we can actually make this film.’ Saw 3D (AKA Saw 7) justs proves that point further by using sick and twisted traps that you know they wont ever get out alive, and even more proving to the point, an innocent woman in the facade is caught in the trap because of her husband’s lies. It goes completely against the first film.

The plot line itself was lacking greatly, character development was like watching a monkey figuring out how to build a boat. Most disappointing was Detective Gibson’s character (Chad Donella), whilst played reasonably well and bearable to watch, it seemed his subplot was building up to a climax which never happened. Furthermore the twist at the end did not satisfy your cravings for decent narrative, it was completely ridiculous. The overall continuity just seemed a mash of mindless traps, with what seemed like ten minute clips of commercials in-between rather than a story.

On lighter note, if you wanted to see a gore-fest and you think you can get over the tedious plot and the worst 3D gimmick shots since Spy Kids 3D. Saw 3D will definitely hit that spot.

Overall: 2/5

One thing that is important to pick out. The aspect ratio of this film is terrible.


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