iPod Touch 4G Review

I received my iPod Touch 4G 32GB after a much needed upgrade from my extremely slow, and small memory iPod 1st gen. I use my iPod almost everyday, mainly for music of course, but now and again I play a game.

First impressions, the retina display. Absolutely gorgeous screen, now of course not everyone, if not no one, uses the iPod to watch a film, but the display is amazing that it does make you want to watch one even though it’s so small. Then again if your like me and travel 4 hours on a train regularly and shuffling songs just gets that little bit tedious, putting on a film or TV show can cure that boredom feeling and it is well worth it. Other bonuses with this is photos, showing people photos, or just viewing them yourself, you can really see the picture well.

Speed. It is so much faster. Not really much else to say, it has a faster browsing, connects to the wifi faster and loads apps much faster. In addition multi-tasking also gives the iPod that extra leap forward, we were asking for it for four years, but it’s now here!

The biggy, Camera and Facetime. We were expecting it in the 3G, but I can see why apple decided to wait. They obviously wanted to release it when the camera had a little more functionality, and so iPhone’s facetime gave that little bit extra. It is, what it is, a webcam but on a now mobile device, most of my friends have iPhone 4G so Facetime was something that really interested me, and after using it today. I loved it. The fact that I can use it freely to talk to my friends and see their faces back home in Coventry, it is a real plus to have, even used it to give my friend a guided tour round the house switching from it’s front-facing to rear camera. It’s not exactly the best quality, but it is by far bearable and isn’t that low quality for it to exactly bother me to the point of moaning about it – I’ll leave that to the Apple-Haters. It’ll be nice for Apple to develop the features to allow apps like skype or windows live to make use of it, but for me I don’t particularly use either of them so I don’t mind it being Apple exclusive.

Now the camera. It is just under a megapixel, at 0.7 which in all fairness doesn’t take the worst quality pictures, I mean in good lighting it is actually decent and is great for instant uploading to Facebook but let’s just say, it’s not replacing your digital camera anytime soon. Which is a shame as the screen quality is so good, the picture quality doesn’t make full use. Again for Video, it is 720p which is ‘HD’, which is actually very impressive, it doesn’t replace your trusty flip cam as it is slightly more grainy. but it is great for taking videos, maybe at a beach, or themepark. Partys and Nightlife… like any type of handheld video camera, it’s going to be crap and useless. Again this also great for instant uploading to Facebook to Youtube.

Oh one more thing, the lack of flash, people are bitching. Does anyone actually use their phone to take pictures on a night out? or at a party? Answer is either ‘Yes I don’t have a digital camera’ which basically means you really have no other option than to use it, or ‘No I take my digital camera out, duh!’ which means you know better than to trust a flash on a mobile to give you crisp clear images. Let’s face it, most flash on mobile phones are crap and don’t make that much of a difference. This camera is used for quick snaps and uploads, and it does it’s job.

That’s pretty much it, a little thing on the iBooks app, it’s cool and maybe useful for short stories on a train or plane but the screen is just too small to read a whole novel, thus, I seriously doubt I’ll bother to buy one from the store, I’ll leave iBooks to the iPad for now.

One last thing, it’s thinner…


2 comments on “iPod Touch 4G Review

  1. Joel Murray says:

    The video’s grainy! Haha no I’m not really an Apple-hater, it’s everything I wish my second generation iPod Touch was…hopefully by the time I can buy a new one, it’ll have a better camera, flash (it does make a difference, even in just low light) and better bluetooth…

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