I read a new book… it was called Hush Hush By Becca Fitzpatrick

Now having a minimal social life at the moment, just working at my new job then writing my script, in between doing a bit of music jamming, making friends with spiders… you know, the usual sh*t, I decided to buy a new book to give me a bit of a break as I was fed up choosing from the same Film collection almost every other night.

I looked at book charts really not quite sure what I wanted to buy. This title and cover art however struck me so I read the blurb and some reviews, whilst most compared it to twilight and saying it was a rip off, I was most angry about this, the blurb suggested, a supernatural genre, a high school setting and a dark romance/suspense thriller… forgive me if I’m wrong but thats always been the ‘teen fiction’. Yes we all know the twilight series is famous for this genre however it doesn’t make the genre.

On with the review…

Hush Hush follows an intelligent young ‘plain jane’ girl named Nora Grey, Whose life has been, not quite normal but close enough until she met Patch Cipriano, a dark mysterious boy in her biology class, and ever since then her life has been tossed and turned into thrilling illusions and life-threatening situations. Whilst her best friend Vee a more of a happy-go-lucky type person is completely oblivious to the seriousness of the strange happenings involving Patch, but more takes it as an opportunity to play spy and with Nora, try their best to unravel Patch’s over-secretive past.

My main problem with this book was by far the main character, for an intelligent girl she was extremely and undeniably stupid, apart from the odd comment to her acing every class and her trips to the library you would never of guessed she was meant to be top-of-the-class. However she was interesting to follow and although at times her character didn’t make sense, her character development and her reactions to certain situations seemed natural and believable.

Whilst most of the readers would realise what Patch already is before Nora does, you’re reading it left with a question in mind, ‘Where exactly is this book going?’ I was at times slightly close to putting it down but then I would read a line which would have me reading for another 4 chapters or so. The plot development was somewhat slow but really did tease you with questions that you couldn’t help but want to know the answer.

The slow plot development is greatly redeemed by series of climax’s where everything comes together which you wouldn’t have seen coming.

There is one thing I’d like to comment which is the author’s research, she had two choices, either go biblical with the book, or don’t and just create a fiction whether creature is based on a biblically creature or not but Becca here decided to do a mix, some of it biblical, some of it not, which in my opinion doesn’t gel very well. She had obviously thought long and hard and probably spent many nights reading the bible, whilst this is good she has put such a strong biblical egde that the true nature of an Angel, Fallen Angel and a Nephilim in the book didn’t seem to fit. And yet the only time the most influential being in the bible was mentioned, was when it was followed by ‘Oh My …” Infact God wasn’t mentioned once and whether you are religious or not you do think of the question “Where does God fit in this?”

Overall it was a good read I’d give it 7.5/10 – Wouldn’t particularly read it again but I would see the movie adaptation  and I recommend it and I will be reading the sequel Crescendo out this October.


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