Top Anticipated Films For 2010 to 2011

Films this summer have been lagging much for me. The last cinema trip was Prince Of Persia, and since them there seems to be absolutely nothing coming thats worth watching. However after a few trailers have been released things are looking up for cinema-world.

Harry Potter and the deathly hallows: Part 1

I suppose everyone has seen the newly released trailer! Although I’m not much of a Harry Potter fan I got to say the trailer is pretty exciting! The last film is presented in two parts and either 3D or 2D depending on your preference. I am a 3D fan, so i will be watching this in 3D! Here is the trailer – If you haven’t already watched it. The first part is released November this year and Part 2 premieres July 2011.

TTS: Eclipse

Twilight Saga Eclipse. Obviously you have heard of this and its release is only days away. Those of us who haven’t read the book have been pleasantly surprised by this film’s trailer. Bursting with supernatural action and cool CGI compared to it’s most recent, New Moon’s dragging scenes of bore, even the manliest of man could say this is a film they wouldn’t mind watching. It’s already been hyped to be the best in series and one of the most grossing films of this year. Could this really beat Avatar or Harry Potter Part 1 – I’m not so sure. The only reason why this would be the best in the series is because of it’s new British Director David Slade, known for his dark vision, I’m sure he could offer the series something more than just a book to film translation.

Trailer here

TTS Breaking Dawn, which didn’t get the green-light originally, is now set for a 2011 release, and like Harry Potter, be released in two parts… fuck knows why Breaking Dawn is more like a FanFic than an actual book filled with sex, weird happenings and an exciting lead up to the biggest anticlimax you will ever experience…


Enough with the book to film adaptation. A new original film by JJ Abram’s is stirring something up in the film world with absolutely no information on the films plot, actors or filming technique leaves us folk just straining to find out more. Abram’s released a trailer which again explains absolutely fuck all! But this teaser is pumping with the right ‘What The Fuck’ attitude. It was tipped to be the sequel to Cloverfield, but Abrams himself has debunked this and said Cloverfield wont be getting a sequel, leaving die-hard fans distraught but quickly regained by this trailer. The release date still to be early 2011.

The Host

The Host by Stephenie Meyer is set to be the next Book to Film franchise, much different from her Twilight series. It follows a Worm-like alien race that implant themselves into humans bodies which they call Hosts, although as sick as it sounds, these aliens (called Souls) are actually the most caring race you will come across and after deeming Humans as brutal they decide to change their society. A Soul named Wanderer is implanted into Melanie, Melanie however is not like normal Humans, her consciousness doesn’t die. Melanie terrorises Wanderer’s mind with her own thoughts and memories in an attempt to get Wanderer to find her brother and partner and keep them alive. Wanderer and Mel go on an adventure which both proves yet disproves Wanderer’s perception of humans. There is not a teaser so far, as it is set for casting this month to be filmed ready for Autumn next year. The story and plot is more for the adult audience rather than the teenagers Meyer is normally associated with and with the right promotion it will attract a bigger audience.

Resident Evil Afterlife 3D

Resident Evil makes it’s forth return to the cinema in 3D! Too far you think? Maybe it is… but Resident Evil has been known as the best Game to Film adaptation and possibly the most successful before Prince Of Persia. Interestingly it was filmed using the Fusion System to provide the best 3D and CGI experience that of which Avatar uses. Exciting but this trailer to me screams Matrix


Maybe not an Anticipated film but one of the only films that look good this year. Predators is another chapter in the Predator series (Discounting the VS Alien series), In fact its more of a remake than another chapter but more re-inventing, similar to the original in the series, it has a slight twist. Don’t know too much about the film so I’ll leave ya with the trailer. Relases July 9th.

The Chronicles of Narna: The voyage of the dawn treader.

That’s right another Narnia film for release in december and you’ve guessed it, it is in 3D. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of The Dawn Treader is the 3rd in the Narnia series returning with characters we know from the previous films, Edmund, Lucy and Caspian however losing the rest of the clan for the best part of the story. This time they are thrusted into a painting aboard a ship heading to the edges of the world, they have to save Aslans country once again. heres the trailer

I’ll leave ya with the final anticipated film which you would have seen plastered everywhere.


Christopher Nolan’s Inception in cinemas July 19th is somewhat confusing to get your head around when reading the synposis. It stars that 90’s has-been from Titanic, Leonardo Di Caprio and the star of today and tomorrow Ellen Paige. From what I gather, they are trying to fix a crime within someones mind to make them believe something they haven’t done or whatever… it looks epic! That’s all you have to know. This is one film I’m very looking forward to watching. Heres the trailer

So that was the most anticipated films to come… Like this post if you think cinema today is getting worse… Hopefully theres more hidden features for the winter films and obviously there will be a lot more for 2011. I’ll post a most Anticipated in the winter for 2011 most anticipated until then, post your own personal craving for a film or comment on the ones above.


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