Kick Ass Review

Kick Ass directed by well established british director Matthew Vaughn, is the new controversial comedy in the comic-genre of film. At first when I had seen the trailer I assumed it was another terrible Zucker movie such as Date Movie and Epic Fail (ooppss sorry meant Epic Movie). But it wasnt and I suddenly had the major urge to watch it as it looked very interesting!

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The main plot is simplistic, A teenage guy tries to be a superhero and starts a this big phenomenon in which  our sub plot merges which is more complex with its heavy history and background between the villian and the protagonist. The main characters are lovable from the start; the geeky slightly eccentric Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) starts the ‘real-life’ superhero fad with his alias ‘Kick Ass’, Mindy Macready (Chloe Moretz) is an angelic looking sweet 11 year old girl with a mouth that any Nan would take pleasure to wash out with soap! she has to be the favourite character with the funniest one liners whom also transforms into the very deadly Hit Girl, Damon Macready (Nicholas Cage) is the caring father whom enjoys the usual mundane tasks with his daughter such as, shooting skills, sword fighting and killing an apartment full of people. Chris D’Amico (Christopher Plasse) is a son of a business gangster  but also goes by the very flashy and pretentious Red Mist.

The film itself is hilarious and shockingly controversial with the 11 year olds one liners. The costumes are overly cringe-worthy and the Kick-Ass’s fighting style will leave you laughing with pity, its hilarious sub-plots add to the overall comedic value of the film (one sub-plot containing Dave pretending to be gay to get close to a girl). Character development, choreography and scripting was definitely at its best in this film, and it is almost as funny (if not funnier) as last years big comedy The Hangover. I’m actually trying to think of bad points to this film to create a balanced view but I can’t so I’ll leave at it was brilliant for now and i’ll get back to you on the bad points if I think of any.


Next review will be Clash Of The Titans! very excited to see this!

As usual orange wednesdays means two tickets, so two reviews, heres Joel Murray’s review for The Linc.


One comment on “Kick Ass Review

  1. Joel Murray says:

    Ah yes Kick Ass was great! ‘A mouth any Nan would be happy to clean out with soap’ is classic!

    Thanks for the link, it hs been reciprocated. Here’s to Clash of the Titans on Wednesday!

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