Back to reality after all that new year drink!

I feel like I have been neglecting the blog for a while now, so I hope everyone reading this had a great new year and is enjoying being back at university/work! YAAAY (ok maybe a bit too much enthusiasm). Well I have now finished a documentary I have been working with my single camera group about the EDL protest in Nottingham on December 5th, Unfortunately we are not allowed to post on youtube for legal reasons as the protesters felt that they preferred if it stayed privately within the university and also the fact that when you click “Upload” on Youtube, you’re really saying “Go on take all rights to my video, I’ve put in loads of hard work so you money grabbing bastards can have it free of charge and do what ever you like with it”

Ok So for the next project I’m taking a break from sound… I know shocker, however not a massive break from sound I’m still composing music for it. The project brief is pretty much anything on ‘relationships’ and being Director this time I have the most creative control, having to produce the vision. I am really excited about it and love the idea to direct, also I’m taking it upon myself, as it seemed fitted, to write the script (not all by myself as input is being given by other members). I have currently three ideas that I am putting forward to my group before I write a script, I haven’t done so yet so posting this seems a bit rude of me but hey I dont think they would mind much.

Idea 1: Supernatural Themed
So this idea is based around Two brothers that have something different about them a very mysterious background, We follow one brother  who has a girlfriend, it will be one day condensed to 10 minutes, a normal day for them, get up, eat breakfast, maybe sex (obviously not explicit porno-type sex more PG-13 sex)? watch TV, talk, cuddle blah blah blah very mundane, but what is not normal, is the girlfriends slight features and general movements that send her boyfriend to chilling flashbacks of him and his brother.

Idea 2: The-type-of-independent-film-that-actors-do-to-seem-less-novelty-and-more-serious-but-still-happen-to-wind-up-in-some-stupid-overly-exaggerated-film-like-G.i Joe-after-winning-oscar Themed.
Lovely sweet, girl maybe a bit of a bitch now and again, is abducted by overly obsessive stalker, it’s obvious the stalker has some major mental issues, maybe even mild autism. However even though he did abduct her, he really does show her how much he cares for her, and surprisingly love blossoms from such an unusual situation, or is just stockholm syndrome? An internal battle of morals, love, and obsession send both characters on a road of one of the most complex and unusual patterns of compassion and relationships.

Idea 3: Done-Before-Yet-Original Themed.
The title of idea 3 might throw you off a little and you may find it more confusing than a book written by a female but you will understand.
A man has severe schizophrenia and his new helper from the Schizo-foundation helps him to come to terms with his illness and help him to realise he shouldn’t be afraid to get out of his own little world and see the bigger world for himself. Back to the title of the idea, I am a bit wary of this as it is very easy to get trapped in the mentally ill-type narrative and an extremely conventional theme with students however they are always the best if something about it is original – maybe from editing technique to narrative structure aslong as one of them has something that is original it can be brilliant!

Feel free to post ideas or give some feedback, I myself is more heading to number 1.


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