Top Films of 2009!

Just a small post, After seeing my friend Doc’s ‘Top Five Films’. I had been reminded to do my Top ten! and as its now sales everywhere hopefully this can give you a few ideas if your buying DVD/BD

1: Inglorious Basterds

2: Avatar

3: District 9

4: Star Trek

5: The Hangover

6: Transformers 2

7: The Forth Kind

8: The Proposal

9: Terminator Salvation

10: Fantastic Mr Fox

Other films worth mentioning, The Last House On The Left, Paranormal Activity, Surrogates, New Moon, Wolverine, 2012, Bruno, Haunting In Connecticut, Couples Retreat, Taken and Role Models.

Worst Films of 2009:

1: G.I Shit [Joe]

2: Harry Potter and the shit. [Half Blood Prince]

3: Orphan (30 year old dwarf hooker posing as a child… dare I say more?)

4: The Ugly Shit [Truth].

5: Watchmen… bore.

6: The Jonas Brothers 3D (Never seen it but did I really have to?)

7: The Final Destination 3D (Hopefully THE FINAL destination)

8. The Uninvited, shit.

9: 500 Days of Shit [summer]

10: Friday The 13th (fail)

Joel’s Top Five and Ellie’s Top 9


2 comments on “Top Films of 2009!

  1. Ellie says:

    Can’t believe you don’t like Watchmen!

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