The Fourth Kind Film Reviews

With my latest orange wednesday fix I went to see the film “The Fourth Kind” directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi, whom is also the interviewer to Dr Abigail Emily Tyler. It stars Milla Jovovich who portrays the majorly disturbed Abigail Tyler.

It starts off with a powerful monologue from Jovovich explaining that she will be portraying Abigail Emily Tyler, and that each scene is backed up by ‘real life archive footage’ which is ‘extremely disturbing’ which to be honest, real or not real it is disturbing!

The film follows Abbey Tyler who carried on her late husbands work on sleep deprivation. In the small isolated town of Noma, Alaska certain patients are having the exact same experience and under hypnosis present some horrifying secret into their sleep patterns. Each hypno-session had a split screen of the dramatisation and the archival video/audio, it was a very interesting concept and was very well done, you felt interested yet freaked out by what you were seeing on screen.

It appears this film implies that the patients are being taken by sumerian (the oldest recorded language) speaking aliens however, the use of the word aliens was only used by a skeptic friend of Abbey’s those whom claimed to be taken never said aliens, but rather said ‘them or they’ very interesting I found, however didn’t really understand the reasoning for this, until they spoke in biblical terms referencing genesis. Those who spoke sumerian were haters of jews, during the end scene of the film you hear the sumerian voice with subtitles saying “I am God” followed by Abigail Tyler in the interview saying the thing wasn’t god, the thing was powerful enough to pretend to be. Was that put in place to tell us that those abducted also didn’t think they were aliens but rather, demons? especially as they never refer to them as beings from another planet.

This film has gained its hype very much like the blair witch project, claiming to be a real true to life story and what you believe is your choice, however universal studios wont claim whether its a fake story or based on a true story along with the ‘archive footage’ to be real or not. It’s not real which I started to realise when they showed a man shoot his wife and two children which was apparently ‘real’ if it was why would anyone actually show that, they could of just dramatised that bit. However although I don’t believe the archival footage to be real but rather a ploy for money. The story is based on the mysterious disappearances of Nome, which many people believed to be ‘aliens’ after being investigated by FBI they claimed it was ‘Alcoholism’ and ‘Bad weather’ hmm… ok that makes sense? you drink in the cold you mysteriously disappear with no trace, happens all the time! Not that I am saying aliens did take them, but have the FBI not heard of that crime normally associated with missing people that one called ‘Murder’?

Now I’m babbling, this film whether stories are true or not, it is by far the freakiest film I have seen in a long time, the ending will leave you cringing in fear yet with interest.

I am giving this a 8/10 for its brilliant new concept and originality, thrillingly creepy scenes, clever advertising and fantastic acting by Milla Jovovich, and whoever played ‘Dr Abigail Tyler’ (all ‘archival’ footage actors are uncredited’). It would have got 10/10 if one they did actually get real footage and two if they didn’t change Nome completely just look here:

Film portrayal

Errr.... Hang on there...

What kind of director doesn’t at least make the locations look similar or actually film there…

Need a second opinion? Joel’s review is posted on the linc.


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