Paranormal Activity Film Review

This is a fairly new film, it was made in 2007 for screenings and film festivals where people allegedly left the cinema half way through out of fear but it has now opening 27th November in commercial cinema’s everywhere. It’s an Indie film Directed and written by OrenPeli and starring his friends Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat . It’s done using a handheld similar to Cloverfield and Blair Witch Project, however much less shakey and normally placed on a tripod. It was filmed on an extremely low budget of $15,000.

So Micah buys a camera to record any goings on in the house that Katie is claiming to experience. Micah whom is sceptical of such things quickly realises the problem is worse than he thought.

This film will not make you jump, it will not scare you, you may not scream, but you will be freaked out and maybe disturbed. I was stupid enough to watch this film alone, which maybe why I was more freaked out than I would of been watching it with other people. This film differs from most horrors, you don’t actually see anything, no monsters, no visual sightings of ghost. Which I think makes it more freaky, one of my favourite scene’s is when Katie is dragged from her bed by the unseen force, it was done with great acting skills and you end up questioning whether this is a real document or not. Unlike blair witch project with its terrible acting.

Apart from the experiences you see how it is effecting there relationship, and the acting was really good considering most of it was improvisation. Unfortunately I haven’t seen the ending that is in cinemas, I have seen the original ending and from what I have read, It looks like I have seen the best ending.

Overall 7/10 for brilliant acting and great production skills however it was very slow in many places and I was close to losing interest at points. There is a scene where they look up a woman who was possessed by a similar entity which in my opinion was best left out, it took the view of not knowing anything about the entity or what it can do but 2 thirds in this scene appears and ruins that sense.


2 comments on “Paranormal Activity Film Review

  1. James Doc says:

    Nice review mate, I have heard a lot of good things about this film!

    • michaellukemitchell says:

      I do suggest to see it, apparently the one in cinema’s version has been edited to improve pacing which is good!

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