Fantastic Mr Fox. Reviews

Latest critically acclaimed film of the year is Roald Dahl’s “Fantastic Mr Fox” receiving over 90% positive reviews on It’s directed by Wes Anderson whom is unknown and generally bad mouthed in the industry for his weird films.

It’s a Stop-motion production which was a breath of fresh air compared to the recent Disney plastic looking sugar coated crap we are usually bombarded with. This film was not something I was interested in seeing but you know I can never turn down orange wednesdays, and I was very pleased I went to see it! This film includes an impressive cast of top notch actors including George Clooney, Maryl Streep and Michael Gambon and follows the character Mr. Fox whom gave up hunting to have a risk-free family life due to the news that his girlfriend is pregnant.

You follow the story of a fox and his family. Mr Fox (Clooney) moves into a tree house with his family which is close to the three biggest and most evil farmers in the county. Mr Fox and his sidekick steal from each of the farmers. The farmers than get to together and plot revenge to stop Mr Fox.

It was nicely put together with a very well done mix of comedy and family values. This film is sure to please everyone whether you laugh out loud or enjoy the moralistic films. The film is slightly darker and more morbid than your average animation however this only adds to the brilliance of it. The animation is fantastic! It is old-school but it is so much better looking than what Disney Pixar is vomiting up these days. The voice cast was excellent and the storyline is brilliantly done and is a great adaptation. There are few flaws, the fact it is americanised a bit too much for my liking, for example all the bad guys being British and all the good guys being American, slightly insulting to the british written book. The word “cussing” is used instead of swear and is the root of many jokes, however I thought and the people I went with thought it would of been best taken out.

Overall it is a light-hearted brilliantly made film for people of all ages.


You can also read Joel’s review of the film on The Linc (URL will be available when it is posted)


One comment on “Fantastic Mr Fox. Reviews

  1. Mr Mulholland says:

    I shall watch this film but make no mistake: these rapacious script-writers won’t be getting any of my money!

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