2012 Film and Theory Behind It.

2012 starring John Cusack and directed by Roland Emmerich (Day After Tomorrow), is the new film which is building up a hype. I’m very excited to this im looking forward to it a lot!

2012 is an apocalyptic film based on the theory (actually its more of an assumption) explored by Daniel Pinchbeck . That the Mayans ‘predicted’ the end of the world in the year 2012 december 21st. The film follows a father and daughter fighting for survival while depicting other society and government reactions along with the [controversial] religious reactions (as if the Vatican believes in this crap).

According to Pinchbeck and the many believers and documentaries on it say that the end of the world was “predicted” by the Mayans through their calendar, the calendar Mayans created is cycle system, just like the calendar we all know and go by, there is a yearly cycle, at the end of the year it begins again. However the mayan calendar was a much bigger cycle and that cycle ends on december 21st of 2012, hence the idea that they predicted the end of the world. The mayans never said it would end, this is all a man made assumption to create money.

I think most of this is bollocks as do many other people. How could anyone predict the end of the world, and a lot of people are now backing up this theory with the Nostradamus predictions. I myself have read the Nostradamus predictions and yes some of them seem pretty relevent but 1. His predictions were cryptic and 2. different books on Nostradamus have completely different predictions at different times and i don’t mean similar predictions at similar times i actually mean, if you’d compare two books, one published recently and one published in the 1990’s you’ll notice how ‘predictions’ are changed to suit the society of that day. For example the 1990’s book that I had read explained world war three after the eclipse and then the crash of computers due to the millennium bug plus millions of deaths in 2004 due to bio war-fare and had predictions all the way up to the year 3000 and beyond. Where as a book written this side of millennium wouldn’t have any of that instead would include the mayan theory, perhaps have the swine flu pandemic added in it. If Nostradamus had predicted anything in his writtings, than surely predictions and dates would all be the same… of course not so whenever some one quotes Nostradamus “twat” goes running through my mind. So far Nostradamus has predicted the end of world like 5 times in the past two decades.

Leading back to the Mayan calendar, remembering the fact that it is a cycle, if you were to draw a circle, would that be the end of the line? no the line of the circle always keeps going round and round. Which is exactly what the Mayan calendar is going to do in 2012. It’s just bollocks and completely ridiculous.

Anyway from the trailer of 2012 (Can be viewed here) looks very exciting although I’m finding myself expecting just another version of The Day After Tomorrow, it definitely looks similar, the divorced father, the lonely child, family reunite in times of need… blah blah blah pass me the sick bucket.


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