Lemon and Cumin Sirloin Steak Recipe

Ok, I’m going to post my recipes share my cooking secrets with you all. Also I want my friend Kate to try these when she is back from Greece.

So I’m going to tell you how to do a Lemon and Cumin Steak which doesn’t sound that all nice but it really is a lovely dish.

Preparation: Overnight (optional) or 60-30 minutes (again optional but it is recommended) – Serves: 2.

What you will need:

Two Sirloin Steaks
One red pepper
Oven chips or frying chips (handful per person)
Rice (optional) (50g per person)
Fresh Thyme (optional)
Black pepper seasoning
Butter ( or Margarine)
Olive Oil
Half a Lemon (or Lime if you’d like a tangier kick)
Clove of Garlic

Method: (Marinade)

Beat the steak with a tenderizer mallet, if you do not have one, simply punch the bastards until tender.

Using your hands rub Black pepper and Cumin into the steaks on both sides, DO NOT SALT a lot of recipes say to salt the steak, some people like this as it can enhance taste but salt dehydrates the steak during cooking, and thus the steak is not as juicy as the majority would prefer especially if you like your steak well done.

Squeeze the half the lemon onto the steak and rub it in with your fingers. If your steak is a little bit dry add a few drops of water. Place your steaks on a plate and cover with cling film and place in the fridge overnight. If your worried your steak has turned a browny colour the next day don’t worry, its oxidization, and in fact helps the steak become more tender.

Method: (Cooking)

Grab your two steaks out of the fridge before cooking to bring it to room temperature. Finely grate your garlic

Pre-heat your oven for the chips, (if using a deep-fat fryer ignore this stage). Calculate the timings of how long the chips take to cook, normally its 25-30 minutes so this is what I’m basing the recipe on.

While it’s pre-heating, finely chop your thyme into a little sprinkle-like pieces, place your chips on a baking tray and sprinkle the thyme over the chips.

As a healthy add on/or alternative to chips, boil your rice I suggest uncle bens rice because it’s non-sticky and so easy to cook, start this about 10 minutes after placing the chips in. Leave your rice to simmer and you can now start on the steaks.

Put a small amount of Olive Oil (do not drown your pan) and a small knob of butter in your frying pan or steal pan. Heat the pan at a medium heat. While its heating you can dice your  red pepper if you haven’t beforehand, (make sure to take away seeds!). Once heated, place your two steaks and red peppers in the pan leave for 2 minutes, then turn over leave for 1min 30secs. Cook for an additional timing to your taste:
Black & Blue:  1 Minute
Rare:                 1 to 2 Minutes
Medium:          2 to 3 Minutes
Well Done:     4 to 5 minutes
Timings will vary depending on the thickness of the steak . You can use your finger to prod the steak to check, if soft and squigy its Rare if hard its Well Done.

While it’s sizzling add your garlic, your garlic will be clumpy so with two fingers and your thumb rub vigorously and the smaller bits of garlic will fall onto the steak.

[if frying chips, place them in the deep fat fryer now to cook]

Once your steak is cooked to your taste, place the steak on the plate FIRST then do the sides SECOND, you want the steak to rest for 3-5 minutes so its always best to place the steak first. While it’s resting, take the chips from fryer/oven to serve, drain the rice and while in the sieve take the red peppers and shake them in the rice to mix them.

Serve with salt and Enjoy.

Mayonnaise  and Rice go well together with Steak.

Add more Lemon Juice after cooking if you like it tangy.

Thyme is a great alternative to salt, and also is very tasty. Thyme on the chips is not needed.

Only use half a clove of garlic per steak especially with this recipe, Garlic can be very over-powering and can make your steak taste funky if you use too much garlic.

Serve with salad also if you’d like.

Never use frying steak. I made this for me and my friend with frying steak and, well frying steak is not good stuff.

Hope this helps anyone and you can get the ingredients surprisingly cheap, Cumin and Thyme can be used with all sorts of recipes so it’s worth having in your cupboard. If you do end up using this method please comment 🙂


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