Drag Me To Hell

Well I went to see Drag Me To Hell the new Sam Raimi film  going back to his old horror flicks such as The Evil Dead. 

It has to be one of the funniest films, I knew it was meant to be a horror/comedy flick, but I expected more horror. The film built up a lot of suspense with a few jumpy bits but mainly most of the film was just gruesome humour, if you have a slightly sick sense of humour your going to love this film! Sam Raimi did a better job at this film then he did at Spiderman 3… and 2. 


Overall 4/5


2 comments on “Drag Me To Hell

  1. Joel says:

    You liked it then?! After that first trailer I thought it looked horrendous…I guess that’s how it’s meant to be then, in a funny way?!
    The worst thing is all the puns that film reviewers are doing…’You can be dragged to hell from Thursday’, ‘drag yourself to see this’, ‘go and be dragged to hell, tonight!’. Oh dear…

    • michaellukemitchell says:

      It does look horrendous yeah but thats where it gets most of its laughs from! The puns are terrible! but i really do think Joel you should Drag your fat ass to the cinema to see it! *see what did there… see it hehe*

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