Food Reviews: Downtown Snacking…

Being the food enthusiast (Commonly known as: Fat Bastards) that me and katy are we decided to check out the best places to eat for the in town experience. 

We took our presence to KFC a well known fast food chain generally specialises in Southern Fried chicken… well we had a Mini Fillet burger and a small pack of popcorn chicken… I was far from impressed. The chicken was dry with soggy lettuce and stale hard-to-chew bread, flooded with there “KFC Ranch sauce” more like mayonnaise with a few pepper granules… Katy’s however was dry with only a small smudge of sauce, for £1.12 you may say its what we have paid for… hmmm, not only was that bad, there was no service with a smile and the person was very hard to understand. We looked for a table and seen a table that was dirty, the cleaners are generally quite fast in “West Orchards” the most popular shopping centre of Coventry. But while the she-man gossiped the table was left to dirt over… shameful disgusting woman thing slash man. 

The next stop… Baguette Express quite a new establishment in Coventry but we decided to give it ago, the first moment we walked in the woman was extremely friendly with a “I wont be long” i ordered my chicken tikka baguette with mayo and lettuce, the baguette was much bigger than subways 6inch but not quite footlong more of 9 to 1o inches. It cost £1 (much less then KFC may I remind you) you also got given a free drink one of the “Vitamin Water” ones, (if your student you may have been given these free around freshers week, good for hangovers apparently). It was nice and fresh and proper chicken tikka marinade not one of those lightly splashed with yellow curry powder sandwiches… 


Katy’s Final Thoughts: I have been quite fond of KFC for a long time now, service is normally nice and friendly with fresh chicken, however they lack a lot during the busy periods, they need to be more prepared. I think I may take my custom towards Baguette Express the next time I feel pekish picking out shoes… 

Give us some suggestions on where to go? Tell us your views on KFC and Baguette Express… 


Next Time On Food Reviews with Mikey & Katy: Panini’s What is the best panini’s in town? 


Hot Topics in the coming Months:

1. With me moving to Leicestershire in august (according to my mum) and Katy going to Leicester City University, we will be looking at the dining in Leicester how it compares to Coventry… 

2. Lincoln Or Leicester? – Wheres the best place to eat? What are the choices? Price? We will look at these things in our visits to each others Universities…


2 comments on “Food Reviews: Downtown Snacking…

  1. Joel says:

    Well it looks like Baguette Express wins on price and quality…if I could get a baguette for a quid I’d definitely go there, cheap as chips!
    The Big Tasty for Maccy Ds is worth a go…and Greggs’ Steak Bake is niiiice.

    Re: Coming topics: Leicester is obviously just a hot topic in general.

    • michaellukemitchell says:

      Big Tasty’s are fucking disgusting…

      “Leicester is obviously just a hot topic in general.”

      No… Just no…

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