Windows 7 RC Review

I’m a newly converted mac user and having used Windows all my life I’m going to give a standard, non-biased review of Windows 7. 

I used windows 7 on VMfusion virtual machine instead of Bootcamp which means out of my 2 gig RAM it will only allow windows to use 1 gig of that so that is a bit of a set back when trying it out. I’ve tried most of the new features Windows 7 had been promoting, ill go straight in with the new task bar. 

Microsoft had said they created a new task bar that looks smooth and reduces desktop clutter, because lets face it no matter how much we all want the desktop to look nice, spacious and clean. We always end up downloading programs that we will only use once and keep the shortcut icon, along with quick files we save to desktop and forget to delete. The new task bar however works like the Apple’s Dock system, your favourite folders and programs can be saved straight to the task bar, so they don’t clutter your desktop nor will you have to keep going through 30 programs to find the one you use the most. Although you can consider the fact they copied the Dock, is it really that big of a deal? the Dock system works great and is a brilliant feature to Mac, so i’m glad windows is using this to there advantage. 

All your windows appear when you hover your cursor over the program icon in the task bar. For example, you are using Windows Live Messenger, instead of having 4 annoying orange flashing bars screaming “talk to me” you now have them stacked up when you hover the cursor above the icon, almost like when windows automatically grouped your windows together when you had too many for the task bar. This works well if your a IM user or if you use a lot of windows for Internet explorer. 

You can now with windows 7 “easily” compare websites by sticking on window to the left and another to the right, it’ll automatically size them both so you can “easily” compare two sites at the same time, a lot of eBay users probably have a sense of relief from reading this, however it doesn’t really work that well unless all you want to do is compare pictures. You still may find yourself flicking from one window to the other, you may even find it easier just to have two tabs in the same window. Although it’s not that useful it does help to make that slightly bit easier to flick between the two sites which is always a plus. 

Another pointless novelty which Microsoft just insist of having is the “Aero Shake.” If you shake the window you are using all the windows behind will be minimized to the task bar. Why exactly would you need this? If your using one window why would you want to see the desktop? If you want to go straight to the desktop you can just press the desktop button on the task bar… 

Comparing to Vista though, it is much more improved much easier to navigate, and start up and shut down is that little bit faster. However it has crashed twice for no reason, maybe its just a glitch in the RC version, but then again it is Microsoft… 

In addition, it is a great upgrade! I recommend it for those who have Vista (by the way this new OS is made so that it hardly requires new hardware, unless you want to use it’s Touch Capability), I also recommend to those of you who have had Vista, hated it and went back to XP.  I give it a 8-9/10.


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